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We get together with friends once a month to go out to the movies. Once there, we just pick one of the previews that we... [Read More]
Tucson was founded in August 1775 when Spanish soldiers established the Presidio San Augustin del Tucson. I found Tucson in the 1980s when I first... [Read More]
The LA Times has listed Death Valley as the hottest spot in the lower 48 a few times in the past week. 124 degrees Fahrenheit... [Read More]
The Imperial County Library book club is reading "Kitchen Confidential" by Anthony Bourdain. ... [Read More]
OK. I have been put on notice. I have not covered recreation enough this summer, this season of Valley-wide patty melt. There is a lot... [Read More]
My pens have all dried up and the paper pad is about to self-ignite. Well, not quite but close. 118 or 120 on Friday. Do... [Read More]
Hey! Happy Independence Day, July 4. Grill those hot dogs. Take a break from carne asada and eat something that is not on any healthy... [Read More]
Ah, it's so hot outside. It's a blister. [Read More]
Before I departed for China, I had lower back pain. Jumping back into my trip, I am now in Xiamen touring a weekly antiques market... [Read More]
As with all tales of distant travel, it is difficult to know where to begin. The police investigator, Lt. Chen, would say, start at the... [Read More]
I began reading an Inspector Chen novel, "Death of a Red Heroine," some weeks ago. Out of a list of recommended Asian crime fiction, it... [Read More]
Before I lived in the Valley, I thought double dipping was when a CHP chief retired she would take a job as a community college... [Read More]
There won't be many more gardening columns as we slip into "where the sun spends the winter" and the rest of the year, too. The... [Read More]
We traveled out to Ocotillo a week ago Sunday to see the Lyrids meteor shower. A web site stated, "These meteors … can produce fireballs."... [Read More]
Americans really like to have fun. Seriously. More than many other cultures, Americans place having fun high atop their "to do" lists. [Read More]
The 2020 Census issues have really captured my interest. Before you think I've jumped the gun and am looking too far forward, please read the... [Read More]
Marley Parker of Ada, Oklahoma was excited to be using a textbook, "Look Away: Keys to Reading," once used by Blake Shelton, country singer. Her... [Read More]
 We left Famous Dave's Barbecue fully satisfied after a delicious birthday celebration. The next week we enjoyed delicious Chinese food at Louis Wong's Yum Yum's... [Read More]
The museum refers to itself as "the best kept secret in the Imperial Valley." It's certainly one of them. You probably know where Imperial Valley... [Read More]
The museum refers to itself as "the best kept secret in the Imperial Valley." It's certainly one of them. You probably know where Imperial Valley... [Read More]
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