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"What the hell?!" [Read More]
Pretty, pretty terrible. [Read More]
The Rev. Al Sharpton hit back at President Donald Trump for his comments following the death of legendary singer Aretha Franklin. [Read More]
The MSNBC host brought funeral attendees to their feet with his searing response to the president, who said Franklin "worked for me on numerous occasions." [Read More]
Producer Rich McHugh says the order to stop the sexual assault story came from the "very highest levels of NBC." [Read More]
"I don't mean to be flippant about it," the climate change advocate said. [Read More]
The two gubernatorial candidates faced off in their only New York Democratic debate ahead of the primary. [Read More]
The Washington Post reported Sunday that the White House prepared a statement for the president, calling McCain a "hero." [Read More]
The Fox News host then listed some of the president's most "worrisome and tiresome" lies. [Read More]
The Fox News host railed against the president for saying the stock market would crash if he were impeached. [Read More]
But hiring a new attorney general before the midterm elections would be a "non-starter," the senator said. [Read More]
The "Redneck Woman" singer was charged with breach of peace in Connecticut after reportedly getting into a dispute over a bathroom. [Read More]
But her emails, the Fox News host lamented. [Read More]
The person called the former president the "N-word," according to a guest on the program. [Read More]
The president's former lawyer may soon face charges as an investigation into possible campaign finance violations and bank fraud wraps up, The New York T... [Read More]
Simon & Schuster's outside counsel Elizabeth McNamara penned a fiery response to the president's legal team. [Read More]
Simon & Schuster's outside counsel Elizabeth McNamara penned a fiery response to the president's legal team. [Read More]
The "Queen of Soul" and the CNN host enjoyed a friendship. [Read More]
The Pennsylvania attorney general recently released a report on how the Catholic Church covered up decades of sexual abuse. [Read More]
The CNN host slammed the White House press secretary for her response about the president's alleged use of a racial slur. [Read More]
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