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Matteo Renzi, the former prime minister of Italy, is believed to be planning to launch a centrist party that could condemn his faltering centre-left Democratic... [Read More]
A public prosecutor in southern Italy has been accused of trading judicial favours for Viagra, sex and a bargain deal on a yacht.Emilio Arnesano was... [Read More]
Italy's populist Five Star Movement accused the country's top civil servants of thwarting the radical reforms it promised the electorate. Treasury officials were accused by... [Read More]
Having won his standoff with the EU over 170 migrants held on an Italian coastguard ship in the port of Catania, Matteo Salvini, Italy's hardline... [Read More]
A plan to allow the selective culling of wolves in three Italian regions has led to a row between hunters and animal rights organisations over... [Read More]
A retired lifeguard who had been missing for three days was rescued from the bottom of a drain at the weekend after a passerby stumbled... [Read More]
A whistleblower has launched another attack on the Pope, accusing him of lying about a meeting with a woman who went to prison for refusing... [Read More]
The prime minister of Italy was today reported to be contemplating his resignation as the ruling coalition that elevated him to power grows increasingly unruly... [Read More]
The whistleblower who accused Pope Francis of covering up abuse allegations against a US cardinal said that he had spoken out because corruption went to... [Read More]
A former Vatican ambassador to the US has demanded that Pope Francis resign along with other bishops and cardinals for what he says is their... [Read More]
A former Vatican ambassador to the US has demanded that the Pope resign along with other bishops and cardinals for what he says is their... [Read More]
A Sicilian prosecutor has in effect charged Matteo Salvini, the Italian interior minister, with kidnap, illegal arrest and abuse of office after more than 100... [Read More]
A former Vatican ambassador to the US has demanded that Pope Francis resign along with other bishops and cardinals for what he says is their... [Read More]
Italy threatened to withhold its EU contributions yesterday after the bloc failed to reach a deal on who was responsible for 150 migrants who have... [Read More]
For Britons contemplating living out their twilight years in the sun, a new destination could be on the horizon. The Italian government is examining a... [Read More]
Italy's interior minister told 150 migrants spending an eighth day on the Mediterranean to "get stuffed" as he sought to bolster his dominance of Rome's... [Read More]
Italy's transport minister has come under fire for posting a photograph of himself at the beach when he should have been dealing with the fallout... [Read More]
Two English speaking tourists who took a naked dip in a fountain attached to one of Italy's most important monuments are being sought by police.... [Read More]
An eight-year-old girl was recovering in hospital yesterday after both her parents and another eight people were "catapulted like bullets" to their deaths by a... [Read More]
At least ten people have been killed after flash flooding in southern Italy. Authorities said that 26 people had been rescued and 11 others were... [Read More]
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