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US Air Force For extraordinary heroism during the Battle of Takur Ghar, Afghanistan in March 2002, Air Force Tech Sgt. John A. Chapman... [Read More]
The USAF has released video highlights from an overhead aircraft that shows the final moments of Tech Sgt. John Chapman... [Read More]
Cpl. Jesus Sepulveda Torres/US Marine Corps It was a pitch black Saturday evening at a remote outpost in Syria last February when Sgt. Cameron Halkovich... [Read More]
Army Sgt. Amber I. Smith/DoD I emailed the Pentagon last week, asking them for details of an "international security" agreement Russia was touting... [Read More]
Mohamed Sheikh Nor/AP No, this isn't a Duffel Blog article. Terrorist group al-Shabab has banned single-use plastic bags in areas of Somalia it controls,... [Read More]
Mariordo Camila Ferreira and Mario Duran/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0) The Pentagon earlier this year quietly changed its mission statement, adding to "sustain American... [Read More]
Paul does some real reporting and gets to the TRUTH behind that viral Reddit video. [Read More]
Mark Wilson/Getty Images Buried deep inside Congress' recently published report on this year's National Defense Authorization Act, there's an interesting section, in dense... [Read More]
Systema Serbia The video below uploaded by Systema Serbia shows Russian soldiers practicing the martial art of Systema. The soldiers are seen gracefully... [Read More]
Reuters The top religious clerics of Afghanistan issued a fatwa banning the use of suicide attacks as going against Islamic law on Monday,... [Read More]
This recruit is wearing a mullet haircut and a Budweiser t-shirt and showed up to boot camp ready to party. [Read More]
Reuters A recent study polled 304 military veterans on their experiences in a "combat situation," which the study defined as "any event where... [Read More]
US Marine Corps Three U.S. Marine Special Operators have been decorated for engagements with ISIS fighters on the ground in Iraq and Syria... [Read More]
Reuters President Donald Trump announced on Monday that he would award retired Navy SEAL Britt Slabinski the Medal of Honor for his actions... [Read More]
Thomson Reuters The Marine Corps has officially launched an investigation into a lance corporal who apparently attacked a protester at the Charlottesville "Unite... [Read More]
Special Operations Command They're one of the most elite fighting groups in the world. They silently slip into hostile countries to train and... [Read More]
US Air Force US Air Force Technical Sgt. John Chapman will be posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. Chapman, a combat controller, was... [Read More]
Air Force Technical Sgt. John Chapman, a combat controller, was killed during a fierce firefight in Afghanistan in 2002. [Read More]
US Marine Corps Evidence suggests that US troops may have played a more active role in fighting ISIS than previously admitted. Citations that... [Read More]
Thomson Reuters Blood-testing startup Theranos Inc. and its founder and chief executive Elizabeth Holmes, once the darlings of Silicon Valley, agreed today to... [Read More]
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