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The removal of a controversial billboard ad depicting President Donald Trump as a Nazi-like leader upset some who said it infringes on First Amendment rights. [Read More]
Chico Billboard Update... [Read More]
Auston Strole's family, friends and community members Red Bluff gathered in Red Bluff to remember him. [Read More]
Red Bluff honors Auston Strole, 12, after his body was found in Shasta Lake one nearly one week ago. [Read More]
Alternatives to Violence, based in Red Bluff, held its annual candlelight walk and ceremony to honor those affected by domestic violence. [Read More]
"Nobody has been over-charged one cent," REU's CFO and Assistant Director for Financial Services, Mark Haddad, said. [Read More]
Redding's newly-unveiled Hobby Lobby makes it the 783 store location in the United States. [Read More]
West Valley High School students and administrators said they're disappointed by the cancellation of their homecoming game Friday night, but undertsand it had to be... [Read More]
Chairman of the Paradise Ridge Fire Safe Council said fire season isn't over yet, despite the start of fall. [Read More]
Preston Sharp was honored by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs in Washington D.C. for his "Flags & Flowers for Vets" campaign. [Read More]
"He was always having issues...a racist individual," is how one of Daniel McRoberts former ward mates described him. [Read More]
Grass vs truf debate... [Read More]
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