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Two people were hospitalized after a wild boar attacked them on Wednesday, a day after three pigs were spotted near the Hong Kong equivalent of... [Read More]
The 40-year old man was found bleeding from the neck in the tiger's cage at Kagoshima zoo. [Read More]
In the 1960s, Dr. Kao outlined the potential capacity of fiber optic cables for storing information, laying the technical groundwork for modern communications. [Read More]
Mr. Quang, whose role was largely ceremonial, was a former chief of the country's powerful Ministry of Public Security. [Read More]
China wants to have 300 million winter sports fans by the time it hosts the 2022 Olympics. The N.H.L. wants to build its Asian fan... [Read More]
China has imposed travel warnings after it said three Chinese tourists were "brutally abused" by the Swedish police as they were ejected from a hostel... [Read More]
Some delegates to a climate change conference in Thailand lament the shortfall in a United Nations program meant to help poor countries. [Read More]
A plan to deport Vietnamese refugees led the veteran Asia hand Ted Osius to quit. He says every diplomat faces the question: "What ethical lines... [Read More]
Damage may ripple into heavy economic losses. [Read More]
The strongest typhoon to hit the country in 25 years could force the shutdown of the country's third-largest airport for a week, crimping tourism and... [Read More]
The journalists were sentenced to seven years in prison on Monday in what was widely seen worldwide as an unjust case. [Read More]
Competitive video gaming is an exhibition sport at the Asian Games and there's a push to include it in the Olympics. But some are concerned... [Read More]
The squad will compete in the Asian Games quarterfinals on Sunday. But will there be any lasting benefit from the feel-good sports diplomacy? [Read More]
The Indonesian island of Lombok was reeling Monday from two earthquakes that killed at least 14 people a day earlier, just two weeks after a... [Read More]
In Singapore, where the film was largely shot, detractors say the cast is unrepresentative of diversity in the city-state. [Read More]
The officer starred in the Vietnam War's final moments, but he later fled the country and became an unlikely critic of its ruling Communist Party. [Read More]
Wild Boars had a "fast track" to citizenship, but a move by Thai officials highlights a lasting problem for ethnic minorities. [Read More]
New charges are the latest escalation in a probe involving billions of dollars diverted from a state investment fund. [Read More]
"Finnish Nightmares," a cartoon series with a shy protagonist, has spawned a new word for social awkwardness in China: jingfen, or "spiritually Finnish." [Read More]
The deadly accident highlights a policy of selling resources to foreign companies while ignoring the dangers to the rural poor, analysts say. [Read More]
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