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The dog days of August used to be the deadest time of year, at least for glamorous social gatherings. [Read More]
For the first time since the Australian Open final last year, Serena faces sister Venus Williams at a grand slam on Friday evening at the... [Read More]
Pope Francis visits Ireland this weekend for the first time as head of the Catholic Church. In a country where 4 out of 5 people... [Read More]
As the Duchess of Sussex celebrates her birthday, this coming year could be her most pivotal yet... [Read More]
Among rock stars, there is something called the '27 Club'. [Read More]
Watching the historic summit in June with Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, North Korea expert Andrei Lankov says he was not very hopeful about Kim... [Read More]
The reaction came fast and fierce. And it wasn't just from Democratic Party activists or liberal news outlets.  Senator John McCain, a Republican from Arizona,... [Read More]
In small English towns like Ramsgate, the job of mayor is mostly a ceremonial one. The leader is not supposed to be mucking about in politics.  But... [Read More]
In recent months, hundreds of people fleeing the war in Yemen have arrived at a tourist destination off the coast of South Korea. But neither... [Read More]
"A day at the races" used to be such an elegant phrase. [Read More]
Ireland is not as Catholic as it used to be. It's a trend that goes back many years, but recent events have been chipping away... [Read More]
It wasn't even close.  Right up until the day of the vote last Friday, most observers thought the outcome of Ireland's national referendum on abortion... [Read More]
Ireland votes on abortion this week. Ciara O'Connor Walsh, who's a supporter of abortion rights, knows where she stands on the issue. But she wondered,... [Read More]
The date is set for June 12. And there's already an advance team on the ground in Singapore making final preparations for a historic summit... [Read More]
Now that the two Koreas have made history, it's Donald Trump's turn.  If Trump sits down to meet Kim Jong-un as expected, he will be... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's nominee for secretary of state took a big step closer to confirmation on Monday night. In a surprise vote, a key Senate... [Read More]
The right to life of the unborn is protected by Ireland's constitution. The Eighth Amendment was passed by national referendum in 1983. In May, Irish... [Read More]
Every Friday for the past three weeks, thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have taken part in demonstrations at several different locations alongside the... [Read More]
Judging by the conservative estimates at a Christie's sale next month, there isn't much demand for painted wooden elephants right now. Yet for readers of... [Read More]
Just say the name of the second biggest city in Northern Ireland, and you might also be revealing your sympathies.  Call it "Londonderry" and... [Read More]
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