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Elon Musk's rocket building company SpaceX confirms a large chunk of debris found Sunday on North Carolina's Outer Banks is a part of one of... [Read More]
Hurricane Michael now a tropical storm brought wind and rain to Charlotte, causing flooding, road closures, downed trees and power outages. The storm killed one... [Read More]
Blaming Hurricane Florence's record-setting floods for this Biblical-style plague is justified but not entirely accurate. [Read More]
Hospitals had no more room for patients. Undertakers had no more room for bodies.The Spanish Influenza pandemic wrapped its deadly tendrils around Akron in October... [Read More]
A large "foamy" mystery came ashore on South Carolina's Seabrook Island and authorities are stumped. The Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network is asking for help identifying... [Read More]
Widespread fish kills have been reported in 15 North Carolina coastal rivers and lakes; the state Wildlife Resources Commission predicted this week that the trend... [Read More]
Fish kills have been reported in 15 coastal rivers and lakes in NC over the past two weeks, and state officials predict it will continue... [Read More]
When I began working for the John Lewis Partnership in the early Eighties, I learnt about the art of retailing. [Read More]
The South Carolina man who is accused of seven law enforcement officers, killing one of them, has been identified as 74-year-old Fred Hopkins, reports TV... [Read More]
Terrence Carraway, the officer killed Wednesday by a shooter in Florence, South Carolina, was remembered Thursday as a tireless detective and brave cop who had... [Read More]
No more pencils, no more books. Decades after its final bell had tolled, the Old Stone School stood neglected on South Broadway in Akron.The rodent-infested... [Read More]
Thousands of dead fish strewn along Interstate 40 have created an unnerving sight and smell for motorists as Hurricane Florence flood waters recede in eastern... [Read More]
Hurricane floodwaters have been sucking coffins out of the ground at Goldsboro's Elmwood Cemetery for more than 20 years, so city officials decided to try... [Read More]
Photos of a two-headed venomous copperhead found in a Virginia yard put the Virginia Wildlife Management & Control on the defensive this week.Apparently, some people... [Read More]
NC teenager at school bus is credited with intervening in an alleged child abuse case, after he found 1-year-old and 4-year-old wandering the street alone... [Read More]
Motorists are being warned that they risk being surrounded by water in North Carolina if they use popular GPS navigation apps such as Waze, Apple... [Read More]
Motorists are being warned that they risk being surrounded by water in North Carolina if they use popular GPS navigation apps such as Waze, Apple... [Read More]
The death toll from Hurricane Florence has risen to 19 in North Carolina and six in South Carolina, including two bodies recovered Monday morning in... [Read More]
Video: North Carolina firefighter surprised by 2 cottonmouths while assessing Hurricane Florence flood damage on Topsail Island. The video has been viewed nearly 50,000 times. [Read More]
Florence has been blamed for 19 deaths in the Carolinas, 13 in North Carolina, 6 in South Carolina. That number could grow from floodwater searches... [Read More]
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