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Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has gotten his first tattoo, something he was told not to do by former team owner Jerry Richardson, according to... [Read More]
The federal government's budget stalemate over border security is causing lunches to shrink at one eastern North Carolina school district. Vance County Schools officials announced... [Read More]
CHARLOTTE, N.C. A popular coyote hunting tournament in North Carolina is being blasted by animal rights activists, who insist the killing is tearing apart... [Read More]
A Black Mountain, North Carolina, man is charged with assault after allegedly punching an 11-year-old girl in the face during a fight on Saturday at... [Read More]
A wild coyote was caught this week in the restroom of town Nashville's convention center, the Music City Center, after it ran past a security... [Read More]
Winter-clad youths chattered excitedly while waiting their turn at the top of the hill. Every 30 seconds or so, the line advanced with an icy... [Read More]
Multiple reports of a Bigfoot with glowing red eyes in the North Carolina town of Mocksville have been explained, and it turns out the callers... [Read More]
No more pencils, no more books. Decades after its final bell had tolled, the Old Stone School stood neglected on South Broadway in Akron.The rodent-infested... [Read More]
Thousands of dead fish strewn along Interstate 40 have created an unnerving sight and smell for motorists as Hurricane Florence flood waters recede in eastern... [Read More]
Hurricane floodwaters have been sucking coffins out of the ground at Goldsboro's Elmwood Cemetery for more than 20 years, so city officials decided to try... [Read More]
Photos of a two-headed venomous copperhead found in a Virginia yard put the Virginia Wildlife Management & Control on the defensive this week.Apparently, some people... [Read More]
NC teenager at school bus is credited with intervening in an alleged child abuse case, after he found 1-year-old and 4-year-old wandering the street alone... [Read More]
Motorists are being warned that they risk being surrounded by water in North Carolina if they use popular GPS navigation apps such as Waze, Apple... [Read More]
Motorists are being warned that they risk being surrounded by water in North Carolina if they use popular GPS navigation apps such as Waze, Apple... [Read More]
The death toll from Hurricane Florence has risen to 19 in North Carolina and six in South Carolina, including two bodies recovered Monday morning in... [Read More]
Video: North Carolina firefighter surprised by 2 cottonmouths while assessing Hurricane Florence flood damage on Topsail Island. The video has been viewed nearly 50,000 times. [Read More]
Florence has been blamed for 19 deaths in the Carolinas, 13 in North Carolina, 6 in South Carolina. That number could grow from floodwater searches... [Read More]
There have been 11 deaths in North Carolina and three in South Carolina linked to Hurricane Florence. [Read More]
Historic town faces flooding, loss of power... [Read More]
Hurricane Florence is causing massive damage and seven deaths have been reported in North Carolina. A mother and baby died because of the storm. Get... [Read More]
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