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The man charged with holding customers hostage inside a Trader Joe's this summer insisted in court Monday that he was insane at the time of... [Read More]
Mohamed Abdi Mohamed, 32, who is accused of trying to run two Jewish men down with his car outside a Los Angeles synagogue, was found... [Read More]
As officer-involved shootings go, the killing of Francisco Garcia at a Norwalk gas station in 2016 received little media attention and sparked few, if any,... [Read More]
Rap impresario Suge Knight long had a fearsome reputation in the music industry. But during three years of court hearings in his murder case, his... [Read More]
Suge Knight was almost always cheery in court. Whenever the judge overseeing his murder case cracked a sarcastic aside, the former rap impresario belly laughed... [Read More]
Hip-hop mogul Marion "Suge" Knight is considering guilty to the 2015 killing of Terry Carter in a downtown courtroom just days ahead of his murder... [Read More]
Marion "Suge" Knight pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter Thursday in the 2015 hit-and-run death of a man outside a Compton restaurant after a dispute... [Read More]
Two weeks after a gunman in Parkland, Fla., zigzagged from one classroom to another in his former high school, killing 17 people, a Beverly Hills... [Read More]
A Los Angeles County judge on Thursday denied a motion to dismiss child abuse and other charges against four social workers in the killing of... [Read More]
Two pit crew members were hospitalized after suffering an electric shock at a NASCAR event in the San Gabriel Valley on Saturday afternoon, officials said. [Read More]
On Thursday, prosecutors filed additional 20 criminal charges against Gene Evin Atkins, who led police on a wild chase that ended at a Trader Joe's... [Read More]
Prosecutors on Thursday announced additional felony charges against a man accused of holding customers hostage inside a Trader Joe's market last month and engaging in... [Read More]
Authorities arrested nearly two dozen people Wednesday in a series of drug raids across Southern California, disrupting a vast smuggling ring linked to Mexico's notorious... [Read More]
Raids across Southern California on Wednesday morning led to 22 arrests and disrupted a large-scale drug operation linked to the Sinaloa cartel after a years-long... [Read More]
A woman and her boyfriend appeared in court Friday for a hearing in Lancaster. The defendants, who face murder and torture charges in connection with... [Read More]
The fire that has devastated Shasta County, Calif., has killed five people and destroyed more than 500 structures. But it is only one of numerous... [Read More]
A 20-year-old woman was sentenced Friday to life in prison without the possibility of parole while a co-defendant was given 15 years to life for... [Read More]
A woman who spent 11 years behind bars in connection with the sudden death of her 9-month-old grandson has been freed from prison after new... [Read More]
A woman who spent 11 years behind bars in connection with the sudden death of her 9-month-old grandson has been freed from prison after new... [Read More]
The teenager stared at 16 mugshots, searching for the face of the man who had stabbed her boyfriend to death while they slept in his... [Read More]
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