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What appears to be a pragmatic and gracious move by the incoming administration is meeting some resistance on the far left. Shortly after the election,... [Read More]
The creation of a respectful, inclusive environment on campus depends less on the rules and more on the everyday choices of everyone in the community... [Read More]
We can support addiction recovery without blaming others, conflating their habit with responsible drug use, or resorting to expensive lawsuits that could curtail access to... [Read More]
Replica reverse-engineers popular wine brands using laboratory analysis to make cheaper alternatives. [Read More]
There's something to be said for shame. The week I spent in Pakistan I never once saw plumber's crack, side boob, or a hairy beer... [Read More]
No doubt Gov. John Hickenlooper is wondering if a moderate has a snowball's chance in this rancorous and highly partisan political climate. Since he's asking... [Read More]
Can mockery of a president actually debase the office he holds? [Read More]
Lawmaking at its finest this was not. [Read More]
Voters are being asked to legislate this fall. They should take this responsibility seriously. [Read More]
The city appears to be taking another shot at The Watering Bowl, a proposed rule would allow restaurants to have an off-leash patio but kids,... [Read More]
Italian brewer Alex Liberati will soon open a brewery and osteria serving the cuisine of his home country and grape-based beers based on his own... [Read More]
With stormy weather on the Front Range this week, it's easy to lose sight that the state is desperate for water. When water managers met... [Read More]
Want to delay something indefinitely? Demand more studies. Dismiss previous findings. Disparage scientific consensus. When all else fails, sue. That's the delay playbook and opponents... [Read More]
Reactions to the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court this week went according to script. Sen. Cory Gardner praised the nominee's thoughtfulness... [Read More]
Tariff is a fancy name for tax.  When enacted, Americans pay extra for foreign-made goods. But that's not all. Tariffs cause a falling dominoes-like cascade... [Read More]
Wait, there's good news? Open the paper or turn on the television, especially cable news, and you'll hear a lot of bad news. News is... [Read More]
Stem Ciders, Redstone Meadery, Settembre Cellars and Bookcliff Vineyards are all part of Boulder County's growing scene of fermented beverages beyond ubiquitous beer. [Read More]
There was a time when depression robbed me of the will to live. I found myself thinking of that awful day after the recent suicide... [Read More]
At Waters Edge, Chad and Jennifer Hulan are making wine in a former bank building. [Read More]
Just when I think I may not find something to write about during a slow news week, Denver police officers shut down a kids' Memorial... [Read More]
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