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Connecticut is joining a coalition of global investors to pressure gun manufacturers and sellers to make firearms safer. The $35-billion Connecticut Retirement Plans and... [Read More]
Connecticut Republicans are licking their wounds and performing a needed self-assessment as they grapple with yet another loss in a decade-long quest to win back... [Read More]
Dozens of signs bordered a tree-lined dirt path at Greenwich Point Park Sunday afternoon, promoting nearly every Republican candidate running for federal, statewide and local... [Read More]
After two weeks on the bench, petitioning candidate Oz Griebel will finally appear alongside both major party candidates in a debate. Griebel will participate... [Read More]
The state has 1,300 underfunded or unfunded mandates regulating towns and cities, a new report from the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities has found. The... [Read More]
After a day of campaigning throughout Fairfield County, Ned Lamont returned to the place his political career started more than four decades ago to face... [Read More]
Greenwich hedge fund mogul David Stemerman ended his bid for governor with a hefty cushion — and a big check to himself. He repaid... [Read More]
The name calling started less than three minutes in to the first debate between the candidates for governor, Republican Bob Stefanowski and Democrat Ned Lamont.... [Read More]
Tensions between the camps of Republican Bob Stefanowski and Democrat Ned Lamont reached a head before the candidates for governor even made it to the... [Read More]
Bob Stefanowski, the Republican candidate who didn't apply for the state's public financing system, shamed his Republican competitors for using it and spent millions of... [Read More]
After listening to state Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto list her accomplishments for less than a minute, the state's lieutenant governor, Nancy Wyman, could not... [Read More]
An analysis by governor-hopeful Ned Lamont that showed skyrocketing property taxes in face of his rival's proposal to eliminate the state income tax has some... [Read More]
As thousands of college students head back to class this week, Connecticut leaders are slamming new rules proposed by the Trump administration that would increase... [Read More]
Voters will have a third option in November - Oz Griebel, an independent candidate for governor, and his running mate, Monte Frank, have been certified... [Read More]
In his appeal to the Independent Party voters, Bob Stefanowski argued the party's decision not to cross-endorse Republican Tom Foley in 2010 was the reason... [Read More]
The Independent Party cross-endorsed Republican Bob Stefanowski for governor, rather than choose a true third-party alternative. During the Independent Party of Connecticut's nominating caucus,... [Read More]
A record number of candidates competing in a record number of primaries has raised a whole host of new questions for the State Elections Enforcement... [Read More]
Several candidates will spend Sunday angling for the nomination of the state's third largest political party. Hoping to secure a second ballot line -... [Read More]
Larry Kudlow, President Donald Trump's top economic adviser, is the latest White House affiliate to be associated with the publisher of a website that serves... [Read More]
Larry Kudlow, President Donald Trump's top economic adviser, is the latest White House figure to be associated with the publisher of a website that serves... [Read More]
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