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Dave Chappelle hasn't given into the Hollywood left-wing mob, as he recently defended rap star Kanye West following his pro-Trump stance. [Read More]
Larry Charles, a TV producer who wrote for Seinfeld, tweeted that if Donald Trump and Kanye West were poor instead of wealthy, they would be... [Read More]
CNN's Chris Cuomo attempted to read President Trump's mind Thursday, projecting racist thoughts onto Trump during his show. [Read More]
"God, I wish I could get through to the 52 percent of white women who put Trump in office, but they're too far gone, so... [Read More]
Actress and left-wing activist Lena Dunham suggested in a recent Instagram post that the Senate testimonies of Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh may have "activated"... [Read More]
Former vice president Joe Biden headlined a $5,000 per person fundraiser held by Hollywood producer Jeffrey Katzenberg Wednesday night. [Read More]
According to the report, Andy Lack ignored numerous sexual harassment allegations when he was a CEO at the record label Sony BMG. [Read More]
CNN ratings last week continued to disappoint even during the massive breaking news event of Hurricane Florence. [Read More]
Snoop Dogg went after President Donald Trump and his supporters in an interview, saying that if you like Trump, "you motherf*ckin racist." [Read More]
Left creates fake award for disgraced Trump derangement syndrome poster child. [Read More]
Actor Tom Hanks is joining former first lady Michelle Obama in promoting a voter registration drive ahead of this fall's midterm elections. [Read More]
Charlie Rose's attorneys are now arguing that his behavior was simply part of "routine workplace interactions and banter." [Read More]
Bella Thorne said that she does not want to be a part of the #MeToo movement following Asia Argento accusing Jimmy Bennett of sexual assault. [Read More]
CBS is reportedly offering CEO Les Moonves around $100 million to leave the company following allegations of sexual harassment against him. [Read More]
The Hollywood left was out in full force Wednesday celebrating the publication of a New York Times op-ed from an anonymous senior official in the... [Read More]
Bill Cosby's Hollywood "Walk of Fame" star was defaced with graffiti reading "serial rapist" Tuesday.Bill Cosby's Hollywood Walk of Fame star was defaced with graffiti... [Read More]
'Permanently separated. It's as obvious as it is offensive,' Cuomo retorted. [Read More]
L.A. County sheriff's intend to contact actor James Bennett after reports that actress Asia Argento assaulted him when he was just 17. [Read More]
'We were thrilled ... '... [Read More]
Her best moments... [Read More]
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