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The Kansas official was addressing a black consultant when he used the phrase, prompting the governor to call for his resignation days later. [Read More]
The Pulitzer Prize board said it "did not find evidence warranting removal" of Mr. Díaz after a five-month inquiry into sexual misconduct accusations. [Read More]
An Alabama district attorney was sitting in his car outside his office building when the former state trooper shot at him. [Read More]
Hotels across the country are giving housekeepers panic buttons to call for help. But measures that punish accused guests are much more contentious. [Read More]
The guard, Jemel Roberson, 26, was a musician at local churches and had wanted to become a police officer himself. [Read More]
Three raging wildfires have displaced hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed thousands of homes. Here are some charities that are helping victims. [Read More]
At the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, an iconic stovepipe hat has become a symbol in a fierce public relations effort to save an... [Read More]
The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum has long boasted of an iconic stovepipe hat, but undisclosed reports cast doubt that Lincoln ever owned it. [Read More]
The 16-year-old boy was shot in the head while playing at a basketball court near a public school in Brownsville, the authorities said. [Read More]
In three days of televised hearings that riveted the nation, Anita F. Hill detailed allegations of workplace sexual harassment by Judge Clarence Thomas. [Read More]
The noted scholar Harold Holzer is preparing to auction off his life's collection of artifacts related to the 16th president. [Read More]
Juan David Ortiz, a federal Customs and Border Protection supervisor, was arrested on Saturday after a woman who said she had escaped helped the authorities... [Read More]
Mr. Manafort agreed to give up three Manhattan apartments, including one in Trump Tower, a brownstone townhouse in Brooklyn and a 10-bedroom home in the... [Read More]
Here's how to protect your devices and use your smartphone to your advantage during the storm. [Read More]
The author of "Speak," one of the first Y.A. novels to focus on sexual violence, said fiction gives teenagers a language to describe the trauma. [Read More]
The toppling of the statue of a Confederate soldier sparked a tense debate on campus and in the state capital about where the monument should... [Read More]
The Republican nominee for governor in Florida drew accusations from Democrats that he used a racist dog whistle in a reference to his opponent, Andrew... [Read More]
Tensions at the university have surged in the days since the Confederate statue was toppled by protesters. On Saturday, the anger boiled over in demonstrations... [Read More]
The charges were the first filed in the aftermath of the demonstration at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where protesters demolished a... [Read More]
Two men assaulted a black man in a garage, and a Ku Klux Klan leader fired a gun at the white nationalist rally in August... [Read More]
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