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In Nogales, commanders are reluctant to criticize the mission, but offer few answers about what doomsday scenario they seem to be preparing for. [Read More]
The Trump administration asked federal law enforcement agencies to look into removing a Turkish cleric from the U.S. to ease tensions over Khashoggi killing. [Read More]
Immigrants who had already been living in the U.S. legally may have more difficulty getting visas or green cards under a proposed new rule. [Read More]
Proposed disqualifying benefits would also include the Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy and vouchers for Section 8 Housing. [Read More]
"[Kavanaugh] is looking for someone who can make sure his defense is solid…and a woman at that," one source familiar with the preparations told NBC... [Read More]
A planned cut in the number of refugees the U.S. admits is the latest win for hardliner Stephen Miller, who keeps beating the Trump admin's... [Read More]
Secretary of State Pompeo announced Monday the cap had been lowered to 30,000, but even that number may not be reached. [Read More]
Paul Manafort reached a plea deal Friday with federal prosecutors that would allow him to avoid a second criminal trial. [Read More]
Many deported parents say they were misled into thinking that dropping their asylum cases was the only way they would be reunited with their children. [Read More]
Many families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border may have a second chance to claim asylum under a settlement agreement reached late Wednesday. [Read More]
Intelligence agencies investigating mysterious attacks that led to brain injuries in U.S. personnel in Cuba and China think Russia is the main suspect. [Read More]
The strong suspicion that Russia was behind the alleged attacks is backed by signals intelligence, meaning intercepted communications, say U.S. officials. [Read More]
The Trump administration announced a new rule Thursday that would allow immigrant children with their parents to be held in detention indefinitely, upending a ban... [Read More]
DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said the new rule is necessary to enforce immigration laws. [Read More]
A 2017 intelligence assessment by counterterror and FBI experts found refugees did not pose a major threat. But Jeff Sessions' deputy dismissed the findings. [Read More]
Wray is the latest in a growing list of Justice Department officials who have angered the president, NBC News has learned. [Read More]
Former officials, aid groups say the Trump admin has overloaded the FBI and other agencies with procedures that delay refugee admissions. [Read More]
Ex-Trump officials say slowing down refugee vetting by the FBI is part of an intentional bid by White House hardliners to limit the number allowed... [Read More]

The most significant change to legal immigration in decades could affect millions of would-be citizens, say lawyers and advocates.

... [Read More]
Immigrants who have used food stamps, Obamacare, or child health insurance could be disqualified, says a source who has seen a recent draft of the... [Read More]
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