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What happened to true love? After 14 years nesting together in Washington, D.C., bald eagle lovers Liberty and Justice appear to be no more, WTOP... [Read More]
Onelio Hipolit-Gonzalez promised he could diagnose diabetes, cancer and other illnesses by having people hold a metal rod connected to a beeping machine, Florida police... [Read More]
Police in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, say a 7-year-old boy died after he fell from a moving subway car while selling candy from train to train. The... [Read More]
On Monday, a video from New Hampshire showed a forklift dropping a dead whale on top of a dumpster — and then the animal flopping... [Read More]
Fifth-grader Sophia Daugherty was at a sleepover with her "best friend forever" when her blood sugar abruptly fell, according to WPXI. Sophia, who had Type... [Read More]
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning people that pet store puppies are likely to blame for a break-out of antibiotic-resistant Campylobacter that... [Read More]
A study in the journal Current Biology found that when given the drug ecstasy — also referred to as MDMA or molly — octopuses become... [Read More]
Michigan police say two people punched, robbed and stole the car of 88-year-old Gloria Kevelighan after she parked in a handicapped spot at Walmart. The... [Read More]
Michigan police say two people punched, robbed and stole the car of 88-year-old Gloria Kevelighan after she parked in a handicapped spot at Walmart. The... [Read More]
Paul Kalchik, a Catholic priest at the Resurrection Catholic Church in Chicago, burned his church's rainbow flag in an "prayer of exorcism." Kalchik said the... [Read More]
Officials in Australia are trying to identify the man who apparently recorded himself as he ran over multiple emus with his car. The RSPCA in... [Read More]
Paul Kalchik, a priest at the Resurrection Catholic Church in Chicago, says he has twice been sexually assaulted in his life. A neighbor first sexually... [Read More]
Bob Fecht, president of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter in Wyoming, was suspended 60 days after he was accused of ordering an animal control officer to... [Read More]
Walter William Wolford was arrested Saturday at the York Fair in Pennsylvania after, police say, he yanked an 8-foot leash tied around the neck of... [Read More]
To help ease the pain of lobsters before they are cooked alive, one Maine restaurant has decided to get them high on marijuana. Charlotte Gill,... [Read More]
White students were pictured standing on a black student at Moody High School in St. Clair County, Alabama, with the caption "we got us one."... [Read More]
One man lost his cool after losing to an 11-year-old in Fortnite, police say. Police say 45-year-old Michael Aliperti sent threatening messages to the preteen... [Read More]
When a California woman went outside of her house to pick up the newspaper on Sunday morning, she was greeted by a man claiming to... [Read More]
After calling 911 about an armed intruder inside her home, police say, Susan Muller sneaked up on responding officers and attacked. Officers with the New... [Read More]
As she brought groceries and her son Ryan inside her house, Meghan Aberkane says she briefly left the boy's wheelchair outside. Aberkane and her 8-year-old... [Read More]
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