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Earlier this year, I wrote about an XCOM 2 mod that adds over 1,000 lines from the cult space sitcom Red Dwarf. It's hilarious and... [Read More]
XCOM 2 has released Tactical Legacy—a DLC for its War of the Chosen expansion that adds new modes, maps, weapons, armours and more. If you... [Read More]
As Tom reported last month, Football Manager 2019 shakes up its UI, overhauls its training system, adds... [Read More]
Update:  Those of you familiar with Dark Souls lore will know history is doomed to repeat itself in Lordran. But this is taking the piss.... [Read More]
First teased via its message of the day screen, Fortnite has now added a Quad Rocket Launcher and its Disco Domination LTM. Check out the... [Read More]
HyperReuts' Evolvation bills itself as "a class based and fast paced multiplayer arena space flying shooter with multiple game modes which can be played solo... [Read More]
Signing in to GTA Online this week will net you a minimum $800,000 of free in-game money. As announced by Rockstar, simply logging on to the... [Read More]
Hunt: Showdown is just incredible, said our Steven after being shown an early build of Crytek's latest at E3 2017. The multiplayer survival game has... [Read More]
Earlier this year, I wrote about PsykotikKrymes' The Doppelganger Follower—a mod which lets you add yourself as a companion in Skyrim Special Edition. The creator's... [Read More]
Onimusha is coming to PC in early 2019. But, damn, the voice acting is still pants. Its in-game battles are as you might remember them,... [Read More]
No Code, the studio behind 2017 sleeper hit Stories Untold, has announced its next game. Observation is a contemporary sci-fi thriller that lets players control... [Read More]
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