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Concerns are swirling after some questionable photos stemming from a recent ride on a Clark County School District bus popped up. [Read More]
A panicked mom calls for help for her diabetic son but says the dispatcher did not ask some important and potentially life-saving questions. [Read More]
A Las Vegas plumber says his friends joke he should turn in his tools for a super hero cape after he saved 3 lives in... [Read More]
A Las Vegas man has started keeping track every time his power goes out and he wants to know why the lights in his established... [Read More]
Las Vegas police detectives are asking for the public's help to locate a suspect that shot a 7 year old girl in the back. [Read More]
A serious pigeon problem is popping up in at least one Las Vegas neighborhood forcing a family to declare an all-out war. [Read More]
A recent fire test shows how fast and hot home furniture can burn leaving people mere seconds to escape. [Read More]
An image depicting a dark time in American history recently made the rounds at a Las Vegas call center and it cost a supervisor her... [Read More]
One student has died in a shooting on the Canyon Springs High School campus Tuesday afternoon. [Read More]
A mysterious renewable energy notice has been posted on some Las Vegas homes which is raising questions about who is behind the promises of much... [Read More]
Some folks living in the Palm Grove Senior Mobile Home community near Charleston and Pecos claim their civil rights are under attack after a pile... [Read More]
It can be a dangerous and even a deadly situation when overloaded vehicles and unsecured loads dump debris on roadways. [Read More]
A special needs girl and her family are demanding changes after her delayed school bus meant she was left to fend for herself for an... [Read More]
A Las Vegas special needs teacher once accused of striking a special needs boy so hard with a wooden pointer that it made a sound... [Read More]
The Department of Homeland Security has forked out $5 million dollars to help Southern Nevada prepare for and prevent terrorism. [Read More]
A Henderson teacher and the Clark County School District are facing a civil lawsuit alleging a student was injured after his teacher kicked him during a... [Read More]
The islands of Hawaii are in real danger as Hurricane Lane, a massive category 4 storm, churns closer and the effects are now felt as... [Read More]
You may feel like you have signed your life away by signing a rental agreement or lease but you do have rights and protections under... [Read More]
It may be the most controversial and expensive showdown in Nevada state history this November as both sides of Question 3 pour millions of dollars... [Read More]
Another viral video challenge is making the rounds on social media and one parent has a dire warning after the "fire challenge" nearly killed her... [Read More]
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