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US first lady Melania Trump ran up a six-figure hotel bill for a one-day trip to Toronto last year, according to federal spending records. Government…... [Read More]
The face of Trump's brutal border policy will leave the agency that oversees threats to the US disorganized and dangerously politicized. [Read More]
A prior arrest. Unmarried. A history of abusive behavior. Oh, and 94% are men. [Read More]
For years, law enforcement, anti-terror experts, and emergency responders have been compiling information on who commits mass shootings in the US. Because such shootings are…... [Read More]
Updated Nov. 9 at 9:00am EDT Florida races for governor and the US Senate that appeared to have been decided on election night are now…... [Read More]
What happened at Miramax, stayed at Miramax; what happened at CBS, stayed at CBS, thanks to a small, silent, powerful group. [Read More]
Women are furious with men, Republicans are mad at Democrats, and evangelicals are fed up with the White House. [Read More]
"We have been very clear with China on what we want," one US trade official said with frustration. [Read More]
As many as 10 million people may lie in the path of Hurricane Florence, which is bringing strong winds and a massive storm surge to…... [Read More]
The top immigration-enforcement agencies in the US, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), have a longstanding practice of suspending the…... [Read More]
The EPA\'s emergency response team was spared the brunt of Trump\'s cuts, and is gearing up for the storm. [Read More]
Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall today, hitting the Carolinas and Maryland. In the past 12 hours, the storm has been downgraded from a…... [Read More]
As Hurricane Florence churns up record-breaking waves on its way across the Atlantic, warnings about the strength of the storm are getting more strident. "The…... [Read More]
"We're as ready as anybody has ever been" for Hurricane Florence, US president Donald Trump said from the White House on Tuesday, speaking about the…... [Read More]
As the United States grappled with the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people, many Americans were haunted by one…... [Read More]
Russia's adventurism is Syria is a case study in the consequences of an internal US power struggle. [Read More]
Elon Musk's latest controversy highlights the perils of legalized pot. [Read More]
Who would write an anonymous essay that undermines their boss and their own country's stability? In the Trump administration, there are plenty of suspects. [Read More]
Donald Trump is so mentally unstable that members of his cabinet considered invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him from office, an anonymous senior administration…... [Read More]
Millions in ad dollars are being spent in the battle over Trump's Supreme Court nominee, especially where Democrats are up for re-election in states the... [Read More]
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