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I am a financial executive with long standing Coronado roots dating back to 1970. I have watched this city evolve over the years. One of... [Read More]
Soldier Dion Taka was shot in Afghanistan and the trauma since has included relentless, horrible nightmares, but a helping paw is at hand. [Read More]
OPINION: After embarrassing Brash ban, Massey needs to restore its reputation as a credible university. [Read More]
OPINION: Manawatū people have a chance to speak up about mental health and addictions. [Read More]
 OPINION: Mental health inquiry fails to prioritise listening to Palmerston North people with raw insight. [Read More]
OPINION: Councils should be careful about shepherding people into providing convenient feedback. [Read More]
OPINION: Amid the Israel Folau firestorm, it was refreshing to see Sir Michael Jones speak up. [Read More]
The city of Manhattan has a new organization working to help neglected and abused dogs find their forever home. [Read More]
OPINION: People drank contaminated water while the Defence Force dithered. [Read More]
OPINION: The players crossed the line. So has Cricket Australia. [Read More]
EDITORIAL: The brats are getting their comeuppance at last. [Read More]
With growing concerns for safety since the recent school shootings, Channel 8 reached out to students and teachers to find out how they feel about... [Read More]
Students attended a Valentine's Day event to write love letters to themselves in the Student Union on the Kansas State Campus. [Read More]
DECEMBER IN REVIEW: Drought dominated, but the Manawatū River claimed another life. [Read More]
NOVEMBER IN REVIEW: Proposed job cuts at Massey University were the big story. [Read More]
Here are some of the small businesses that stand to suffer from the dissolution of a free and open internet. [Read More]
Have you heard some growling on the highway lately? [Read More]
OPINION: The debates have been robust, but the arguing is nearly over and we should soon have a better idea of what it all means. [Read More]
 Two residents with very different views have described what it's like to live near a noisy wind farm. [Read More]
 Hearing starts about noise from Te Rere Hau wind farm. [Read More]
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