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The FBI investigation into the allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh amounts to nothing more than a cover-up. Americans have been had, Frida Ghitis... [Read More]
One of the most telling comments about the perils facing Judge Brett Kavanaugh came from someone described as "a lawyer close to the White House,"... [Read More]
As Judge Kavanaugh's case proceeds before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Frida Ghitis writes that much of the world, which has embraced the #MeToo movement, is... [Read More]
Since leaving the White House last year, it's clear that Steve Bannon had hoped to both make it back into the headlines in the US... [Read More]
In a letter from Rudy Giuliani to Romania's president, Trump's attorney stepped into the contentious fight over corruption in Romania and made the uphill battle... [Read More]
The day after he... [Read More]
Microsoft's revelation of yet another Russian operation assaulting democratic institutions -- including conservative think tanks that disagree with President Trump -- proves that Vladimir Putin... [Read More]
New sanctions against Russia over the poisoning of a former Russian double agent wouldn't have been possible had it not been mandated by a 1991... [Read More]
When it comes to demanding action on human rights, no one has the clout of the United States. And it's not demanding action. [Read More]
The Russians are currently attacking the 2018 election through hacking of Democratic candidates, Frida Ghitis writes, but President Trump and the GOP are doing nothing. [Read More]
For those of us who believe that Trump's policies present a tangible threat to democracy -- and America's standing in the world -- the week... [Read More]
If government officials just stand by as another meeting between Trump and Putin happens -- without finding out what was discussed in the Helsinki... [Read More]
The problem here is not a grammatical "faux pas" ludicrously cooked up by the President's handlers as cover for his toadying to Putin in Helsinki,... [Read More]
Donald Trump may argue that his goal is to make NATO stronger, writes Frida Ghits, but a closer look at the facts suggests he is... [Read More]
Evan Vucci/AP Frida Ghitis, an independent commentator and contributing editor for World Politics Review, discusses the impact of Trump's lies on policy and... [Read More]
On the same day he mocked #MeToo and Elizabeth Warren, the President tapped, for a White House communications post, the Fox exec who was in... [Read More]
Trump and Putin are meeting next month. What could possibly go wrong? If recent history is any guide, we have no shortage of reasons to... [Read More]
When a democratic country elects a politician with suspicious tendencies, defenders of democracy cannot sit back and wait for the next election, writes Frida Ghitis... [Read More]
Donald Trump has done incredible harm to America's image around the world, writes Frida Ghitis: Picking fights with allies, cozying up to dictators, and tearing... [Read More]
Surely, Vladimir Putin let out a smile when he heard it. The Russian president has many reasons to rejoice these days, all courtesy of President... [Read More]
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