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Senator Bill Nelson, a three-term Democrat, lost his Senate seat to Florida's current Republican governor in a tight race that required two recounts. [Read More]
Florida's manual recount ended at noon on Sunday. Bill Nelson, a Democrat, faces pressure to concede the Senate race to Rick Scott, a Republican. [Read More]
Florida concluded the first phase of a tumultuous recount of its midterm election Thursday, with state officials ordering a manual recount in the hotly contested... [Read More]
Florida Governor Rick Scott, who is leaving office, said he had expanded his lead over the incumbent Democratic senator, Bill Nelson, by an additional 865... [Read More]
Thousands of ballots have been rejected in Florida because voters' signatures don't match what's on file. Democrats are arguing that's disenfranchisement. [Read More]
Old equipment in Palm Beach County prompted the elections supervisor to warn the county may not be able to meet the deadline in Florida's statewide... [Read More]
The issue of faulty signatures, especially on mail-in ballots, has emerged as a central point of contention in the county-by-county recounts taking place in Florida,... [Read More]
Judge Jack Tuter refused to order impounding of vote-counting equipment, but lawyers on both sides agreed on adding extra security at elections center. [Read More]
In the chaos that has swirled over the vote count in Florida following Tuesday's midterm elections, one headline made its way ominously around the state:... [Read More]
Questions swirl around the vote tally in Florida, where Gov. Rick Scott has filed lawsuits over the handling of ballots, alleging fraud. The truth is... [Read More]
Griselda Blanco's story was often told in numbers: she turned tricks at 14, and moved 300 kilos of cocaine a month in her 40s. [Read More]
"I think that Puerto Rico was an incredible unsung success," the president said while touting preparations for another hurricane. [Read More]
After months of temporary reprieves, the judge says temporary housing vouchers for victims of Hurricane Maria staying in hotels can be ended on Sept. 13. [Read More]
'The first thing I will do is give thanks to God,' Jazmín Méndez said, when she became among the last residential customers of the Puerto... [Read More]
Restoration took nearly a year after hurricane. [Read More]
The problem-plagued effort to restore electric service after the storm blacked out the whole island last year is finally reaching Puerto Rico's last few darkened... [Read More]
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- At least 10 trailers full of food, water and baby supplies donated for victims of Hurricane Maria were left to... [Read More]
San Juan, Puerto Rico The government of Puerto Rico has quietly acknowledged in a report posted online that in all likelihood more than 1,400 people... [Read More]
The figure, quietly accepted by the government this week in a report, is more than 20 times the official death toll. [Read More]
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The government of Puerto Rico has quietly acknowledged in a report posted online that in all likelihood more than 1,400... [Read More]
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