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you guessed it... [Read More]
Crushing lava and molten copper with a hydraulic press makes a lot of liquid fire. [Read More]
A plane that dropped off paratroopers on D-Day as the Allies were invading Normandy was discovered in a Wisconsin junkyard and has been rescued. [Read More]
A plane that dropped paratroopers behind Nazi lines during the Allied invasion of Normandy on D-Day is being restored to its World War II-era glory. [Read More]
Archaeologists found evidence in 5,000-year-old poop samples to back up the historic medical text of Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician who has been one of... [Read More]
Archaeologists found parasitic worms in the poop of prehistoric and ancient Greeks, which confirms the medical texts of Hippocrates. [Read More]
An animal that was believed to have gone locally extinct more than a century ago has been found alive. While doing some routine monitoring in... [Read More]
The crest-tailed mulgara has been found alive. [Read More]
The first alien asteroid to visit our solar system might just be a dead rock drifting through space and not a sign of intelligent extraterrestrial... [Read More]
A group is looking for alien signals from the bizarre-looking asteroid that is the first to visit our solar system from another place. [Read More]
Scientists have found a genetic mutation that stops one family from feeling pain and could be used to develop treatments for chronic pain. [Read More]
Scientists have found a genetic mutation that cranks up someone's pain tolerance to the superhuman level. [Read More]
Geologists stumbled upon a previously undiscovered ancient meteorite impact, noticing the find when they detected minerals that came from outer space. While looking around at... [Read More]
Geologists found evidence of an ancient meteorite crash: alien minerals that would have been brought down to Earth with the space rock 60 million years... [Read More]
Astronomers say an eighth planet the Kepler Space Telescope and Google-designed artificial intelligence found in an alien solar system means it has tied our own... [Read More]
NASA scientists announced on Thursday that the space agency's Kepler Space Telescope had discovered an eighth planet in an alien solar system, meaning it has... [Read More]
Some lava oozes out of a volcano's opening and creeps down a slope, burning everything in its path, while some shoots up into the sky... [Read More]
A sexually transmitted disease is so infectious that even virgins can catch it and spread it to others, according to new research. [Read More]
The animal kingdom is a complicated and confusing place, particularly when it comes to sex. In what may be one of the oddest discoveries of... [Read More]
Scientists say mysterious microscopic fossils discovered decades ago are the ancestors of jellyfish, opening a window into that evolutionary line. The researchers used X-ray equipment... [Read More]
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