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Amid the worst drug overdose crisis in US history, a life-saving drug's price keeps going higher. [Read More]
Experts think Trump's rhetoric is driving immigrant families away from SNAP — and new data backs them up. After two years of Donald Trump and... [Read More]
The former vice president says he's sorry he didn't stop the attacks on Hill during the Clarence Thomas hearings. Christine Blasey Ford's sexual assault allegations... [Read More]
A slate of historically diverse candidates vs. fear-based white identity politics defines the 2018 midterms. [Read More]
Andrew Gillum versus Ron DeSantis is one of 2018's most important campaigns. With a racist robocall and an FBI investigation into corruption already in the... [Read More]
Democrats can't rest on moral victories in the 2018 midterms. [Read More]
These states will determine who controls the Senate in 2019. The candidates for the most competitive Senate elections in the 2018 midterms are now set,... [Read More]
Can a prescription drug simply cost too much for health insurance to cover? That idea is implicit in a new program by CVS Health, one... [Read More]
If you've seen the reports of record rainfall and historic flooding hitting North Carolina and South Carolina from Hurricane Florence, you might be wondering what... [Read More]
Patient groups are taking the Trump administration to court. Patient groups are taking the Trump administration's new regulations expanding short-term insurance to court. In a... [Read More]
Ron DeSantis "doesn't believe any loss of life has been inflated." Ron DeSantis, the Republican nominee for governor in Florida, has embraced Donald Trump as... [Read More]
The Rhode Island primary election for governor offers progressives their next chance to score an upset in the 2018 midterms. Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo, a... [Read More]
Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo should be a shoe-in for reelection. But she's not. In a Democratic wave year, in a state where unemployment has... [Read More]
Watch Joe Manchin literally gun down the anti-Obamacare lawsuit. Joe Manchin loves preexisting conditions protections so much he literally picked up a rifle and gunned... [Read More]
An OxyContin magnate wants to treat addiction; the GOP has a new, misleading attack on Medicare-for-all, and more. More than 72,000 people died of drug... [Read More]
"It did not start with Donald Trump." Barack Obama stepped back into the fray on Friday with a ferocious speech aimed squarely at not only... [Read More]
Republican scandals are moving the race for the House further toward Democrats. [Read More]
An "impostor" asked for help transporting undocumented immigrants to vote. "Would you like to commit crimes?" the text message might as well have asked. In... [Read More]
The least-sexy news in health care these days — bundled payments — might also be the most important. [Read More]
A historically divisive Supreme Court nomination, explained in 8 polls. [Read More]
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