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Analysts point out Ankara's stance on Khashoggi has diverted international attention over Erdogan's treatment of domestic journalists... [Read More]
Buffer zone, to be established by October 15, will separate Syrian government forces from rebels and will be patrolled by Turkish and Russian troops... [Read More]
International investors looking for major hike in interest rates by Turkey's central bank... [Read More]
Summit involving Russia and Turkey and hosted by Iran was touted as last chance to avert attack on only remaining Syrian rebel stronghold, Idlib... [Read More]
But analysts warn if Turkey wants to improve ties with Europe, it will have to take substantial steps toward complying with EU standards on human... [Read More]
Inflation hits 15-year high as currency rout drives up prices, adding pressure on central bank and government to act to stave off systematic threat to... [Read More]
The future of the 'Saturday Mothers' protest, one of world's longest human rights demonstrations, in doubt after Turkish police break up women's weekly vigil... [Read More]
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for boycott of iPhones along with other American technology as he whips up anti-U.S. sentiment in increasingly bellicose nationalist... [Read More]
Turkish-U.S. cooperation continues to deepen in Syria, despite a crisis in bilateral relations.  According to the Turkish military, the two NATO allies are about to... [Read More]
Turkey's currency this month has suffered heavy falls triggered by U.S.-Turkish tensions over the ongoing detention of an American pastor. Washington's threat to impose new... [Read More]
Turkey's currency this month has suffered heavy falls triggered by U.S.-Turkish tensions over the ongoing detention of an American pastor. Washington's threat to impose new... [Read More]
The fear of plummeting currency values, which continued on markets Monday, will stoke Turkey's already double-digit inflation, which appears to be the top concern among... [Read More]
Russian and Turkish foreign ministers set to meet Monday to avert confrontation over Syrian rebel enclave of Idlib... [Read More]
Currency takes heaviest hit in decade as investors flee amid US imposition of tariffs... [Read More]
The value of the Turkish lira hit a record low Thursday amid reports of a deadlock during talks in Washington between Turkey and the United States.... [Read More]
Reports of a diplomatic delegation heading to Washington Thursday stemmed a sharp drop in the value of Turkish currency... [Read More]
U.S. President Donald Trump's executive order Monday to introduce sanctions against Iran threatens to put Washington and Ankara on a collision course.  Ankara... [Read More]
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced retaliatory measures Saturday against the U.S., following the U.S. sanctioning of two senior ministers for the ongoing detention of... [Read More]
Turkey's president hits back against Washington for sanctions over the detention of a US pastor... [Read More]
Ankara threatens reciprocal sanctions against Washington... [Read More]
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