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"When a culture is surrounded by, inundated by, and rewards things that celebrate death—whether it is zombies in television shows, the number of abortions—that we... [Read More]
A 74-year-old supporter of U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren was charged with assaulting a candidate who is challenging the Massachusetts senator for her seat. [Read More]
Democratic Chicago mayoral candidate Willie Wilson's handing out of nearly $200,000 at a recent South Side church event did not break campaign finance laws, the... [Read More]
A Cleveland Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) license branch set up a crafty way to keep motorists from smiling during their driver's license photographs: a... [Read More]
The woman who recorded a now-viral video of a border patrol agent questioning bus riders' citizenship in New Mexico said the incident felt like "living... [Read More]
Multiple Air India passengers out of Newark International Airport complained of bed bug bites after photos emerged appearing to show a possible flight infestation. [Read More]
"I will f**k you up in a f**kin' heartbeat, you f**kin' little f*****." [Read More]
The company had attempted a new waste management technique that "didn't work out so well." [Read More]
Trevor Noah, host of "The Daily Show," responded to backlash over his "legitimizing" of "far-right" racist ideologies after a joke he made on his show... [Read More]
Democrat voters rebuked the top 2020 candidates, including Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. [Read More]
Renowned atheist author and longtime Oxford University professor Richard Dawkins was the target of "bigotry" accusations after a tweet about the phrase "Allahu Akhbar." [Read More]
A white Charlotte man hurled the n-word and threatened to call the police on a family for having "F*** Trump" signs in their front yard,... [Read More]
GOP gubernatorial candidate Casey Cagle was secretly recorded criticizing the election he sees as a race to appeal to the party's "craziest," right-wing base. [Read More]
President Trump will meet Putin on Monday in Helsinki, Finland. [Read More]
Former White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon took to U.K. radio Sunday in a "call to arms," urging right-wing populists to fight back against so-called... [Read More]
Daniels was arrested and accused of violating a controversial and conservative-backed Ohio state law called the Community Defense Act, which prohibits adult dancers from touching... [Read More]
Video shows a man on a raft smuggling a pair of immigrants across the Rio Grande river separating the United States and Mexico—just yards from a... [Read More]
An Iowa woman dropped her smartphone more than 1,000 feet out of an airplane, but after using the Find my iPhone app feature, she located... [Read More]
Daniels was arrested and charged with a controversial and conservative-backed Ohio state law called the Community Defense Act—a thorny and convoluted rule preventing adult dancers... [Read More]
Estrada is seeking a Los Angeles suburb seat in the State Assembly, but some Jewish community leaders are concerned over her connection to the Nation... [Read More]
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