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Murder was the case that they gave him, and days before his trial was slated to begin, the man who many (and by "many" I... [Read More]
Whatever feelings you have about the Chicklet-toothed "relationship expert" who sold the Now & Later-colored Easter suit to your head deacon, you gotta give it... [Read More]
Mere hours after a mass shooting at an office complex in Middleton, Wis., and another one in Masontown, Penn., law enforcement officials confirm that three... [Read More]
Although I am loath to compare the incomparable Serena Williams to any animal besides perhaps a black panther with emerald eyes, I may allow for... [Read More]
GirlTrek, the largest national public health nonprofit and movement for black women and girls, continues to offer a balm in a world that clearly still... [Read More]
For whatever issues they have (and there are many: colonialism, imperialism, Brexit, etc.) one thing that I will always love about the Brits is their... [Read More]
This week, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections ordered a lockdown of its entire 47,000-person-prison system after yet another spate of employees was rushed to the... [Read More]
Perhaps not coincidentally during a #NationalPrisonStrike2018, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice on Friday voted to drastically slash the cost of calls from in prison... [Read More]
Jemele Hill, a black woman who remained so while on television, had a rough go of it at ESPN in the fallout of calling Donald... [Read More]
I'm of the contention that we should generally be judged or even rated as humans by the best—and not worst—thing we've ever done. So I... [Read More]
It looks as if the jaws of justice are slowly, but steadily squeezing the breath out of Donald "Can't Keep It in His Pants"... [Read More]
The indignantly distressed former PBS talk show host Tavis Smiley is not faring well in his legal battle against PBS, the network which released him... [Read More]
In what can only be hailed as a hard-fought victory against blatant voter suppression, on Friday, a rural Georgia elections board voted down a plan... [Read More]
Many of us were horrified (and beyond furious) when we heard news of a white man urinating on a black girl child and calling her... [Read More]
Hip-hop has had a long and fraught history with law enforcement because the communities that spawned the genre have been traumatized and over-policed since we... [Read More]
It begins with piano riffs and drum. Prince's dulcet falsetto pours out the first verse, then drops a register for verse two. It is, in... [Read More]
In what strikes many as odd, soul singer Aretha Franklin died without a will. [Read More]
Tiffany Haddish and Cardi B are going neck and neck for the started-from-the-bottom-now-we-heah year. [Read More]
Here's a question: If the Confederate flag has nothing to do with racism, and it's all about Southern pride and history, why does it seem... [Read More]
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