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Our family has moved. It was a crazy hectic summer as we sold our house and bought a new one about an hour north (not... [Read More]
I've always valued being awake. Aware and concious, striving towards enlightenment. You have to be awake to make any progress. Enlightenment is even described as... [Read More]
I don't need my faith to be magical, to be otherworldly, to break the rules of physics. It seems like some people use that as... [Read More]
Spring cleaning is a big thing but to me the time for whipping your house into shape is fall. It is said that Sri Lakshmi,... [Read More]
Am I back? Well, that remains to be seen. But I wanted to at least stop by to tell you all what's been going on.... [Read More]
Life has been incredibly hectic these last few months. I'm chasing after a two-year-old now (remember when I was just waiting to get pregnant?!) and... [Read More]
So a friend of mine did some digging on the usernames of the people leaving the nasty comments that I wrote about last time. He... [Read More]
There have been some very extreme comments on the blog recently, particularly on the post Proud White Hindu?. It's an interesting pendulum between the acceptance... [Read More]
I was browsing on Amazon and I realized that there are quite a number of books these days with detailed instructions for various puja rituals... [Read More]
I was really inspired by going to Sri Shiva Vishnu temple for the panel. I've only been there a handful of times since I moved... [Read More]
I have a book for Garrick Ravi called The Festivals of India (there must be a new edition because the cover looks different). One thing about... [Read More]
Yesterday afternoon was the Panel that I was invited to speak at about being a non-Desi Hindu. It was awesome! I got to meet some... [Read More]
I have been listening carefully to all the points of view on what will help curb America's terrifying problem with school shooters. I believe I... [Read More]
I have been invited by the Hindu American Foundation to participate in a panel about non-Indian Hindus! I'm so thrilled. It will be at the... [Read More]
We are finally half way through the pregnancy and that means…it was time to find out the sex! In some ways I feel silly caring... [Read More]
Since last year's Holi I have found a bunch of cool things to share about it! I kind of want to buy every book in... [Read More]
The Sims is a video game that has seen me through some tough times in my life. I tend to get the urge to play... [Read More]
Toyota had a superbowl commercial meant to focus on interfaith goodwill, saying we are all on one team. Who did they show? Jews, Christians, Muslims,... [Read More]
Mahashivratri is this coming Tuesday! I will probably not be doing a whole lot for it. No way will I be able to stay up... [Read More]
The Friendly Atheist reposted something they had written about the conversation between atheist Ricky Gervais and Catholic Stephen Colbert. It was my first time seeing... [Read More]
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