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Pledge to Mexican flag caught on video Oct. 19, 2006: A radio station in Houston posted on its website two video clips of a Texas elementary... [Read More]
Americans won the Battle of Kings Mountain, Oct. 7, 1780, in which 668 British were captured, 163 wounded and 290 killed, as compared to only... [Read More]
(London Telegraph) Male hospital patients receiving blood are more likely to die if they receive transfusions from a woman donor who has been pregnant, a... [Read More]
(Knoxville News-Sentinel) A Sevier County Sheriff's Office deputy opened fire without warning in a mobile home park, suffered an apparent panic attack four minutes later... [Read More]
(NBC News) A shakeup is underway at the Democratic National Committee as several key longtime officials have lost their posts, exposing a still-raw rift in... [Read More]
A Free Press For A Free People Since 1997... [Read More]
(Times of Israel) A British Neo-Nazi said he has decided to quit the far-right group he has long been a member of after coming out... [Read More]
(WQAD) A pistol-packing grandmother says she kept her cool and waited for the right moment to pull her gun on a kidnapper with a knife.... [Read More]
(NBC News) A shakeup is underway at the Democratic National Committee as several key longtime officials have lost their posts, exposing a still-raw rift in... [Read More]
thought to be the most extreme yet to be introduced by health services... [Read More]
The Washington-based attorney and lobbyist who's been on the hunt for slain DNC staffer Seth Rich's killer is filing a federal lawsuit that accuses Hillary Clinton... [Read More]
A crusading attorney who already has challenged the bar membership of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Clinton lawyers David E. Kendall, Cheryl Mills and... [Read More]
A new partnership between WND and ILTV, the only daily English language network producing news and feature programming in Israel for Israel, is bringing these... [Read More]
The Los Angeles Unified School District is co-sponsoring a "professional development" workshop for K-12 teachers to "Learn about Islam and the Arab World" – and the district... [Read More]
Another claim of early Islamic influence on Western civilization has just bitten the dust, this time after only six days. Last week, Sweden was abuzz... [Read More]
My good friend and WND colleague Joe Kovacs has followed up his wildly popular and fun book, "Shocked by the Bible," with a sequel –... [Read More]
Hatred is contempt without the requirement of offense. Normally, there's a reason for getting angry; being violated comes first, then reaction. That's the common sequence,... [Read More]
Miami Rep. Frederica Wilson angled for another 15 minutes of fame this week, claiming that in his consoling call to a Gold Star widow President... [Read More]
"No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then, and it is misremembered now." Richard Nixon's 1994 post-war... [Read More]
It became more difficult this past weekend to tolerate the NFL's national anthem kneelers and avoiders – the latter including Tennessee Titans' Rishard Matthews on... [Read More]
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