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not including dangerous UV frequencies - kills MRSA, the multidrug-resistant staph superbug, a study shows. [Read More]
The movement to encourage eating of insects — and to make it not weird, but a common practice (as it already is in other parts... [Read More]
Infants run a small risk of permanent kidney damage from the higher concentration of ibuprofen. [Read More]
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The authors of the study published Dec. 5 in the European Heart Journal also found that daytime napping was associated with an increased risk of heart disease... [Read More]
The team at the University of Queensland in Australia created the test after discovering that cancer forms a unique DNA structure when placed in water, CNN reported. [Read More]
Adenovirus refers to a cluster of viruses -- more than 50 known strains -- that most commonly infect the respiratory system. Each strain may bring... [Read More]
Several companies are recalling dog food over high levels of vitamin D. High levels of the vitamin could cause kidney failure in dogs. (Dec. 4) [Read More]
Collagen. Biotin. Shark cartilage. Frankincense. Even... placenta? Every day, patients in my dermatology practice ask about supplements claiming... [Read More]
The electrical stimulator he has is one designed for nerve pain. The research team received permission from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to use... [Read More]
The trial included 614 patients with severe heart failure in the United States and Canada. They were randomly assigned to receive either the MitraClip... [Read More]
Cargill Meat Solutions has recalled 126,000 pounds of ground beef because of E. coli contamination. One person has died and another 17 have become sick... [Read More]
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