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Searching for "Brett M Kavanaugh"
and incendiary... [Read More]
I found little to disagree with in Kathleen Parker's Oct. 14 op-ed, "Cocktail hour at the Kanye-Trump speakeasy" until I reached the penultimate paragraph. In... [Read More]
In his Oct. 8 letter, "The new Supreme Court justice," John E. Baker expressed comfort with Sen. Joe Manchin III's (D-W.Va.) vote to confirm Judge Brett M.... [Read More]
Unlike the president, the Senate majority leader doesn't think she has been hurt politically by her vote against Brett M. Kavanaugh. [Read More]
Judge Andrew Napolitano chided Trump for using the words "evil" and "hoax" to describe the sexual assault allegations against newly appointed Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh. [Read More]
Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh was sworn in Oct. 8 at a White House ceremony presided by President Trump. Here's how late-night TV hosts... [Read More]
To take attention from an unpopular president, a shift in focus to Democratic tactics against Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh... [Read More]
The Senate majority leader chose notable words as he sought the moral high ground in last week's battle over Brett M. Kavanaugh. [Read More]
President Donald Trump said Monday that it was "an insult to the American public" for Democrats to consider impeaching Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh... [Read More]
Outside the solemn ceremony at the Supreme Court, there was a flood of messages and memes on the fringes of Internet that celebrated the sexism... [Read More]
Who among us voters has the time and ability to watch and listen to all of the Brett M. Kavanaugh hearings and testimonies or read... [Read More]
Rage and frustration filled the streets of Capitol Hill before and after the U.S. Senate vote Saturday afternoon to confirm Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to... [Read More]
The battle over Brett M. Kavanaugh's confirmation exposed the political system for what it is, not what it claims to be. [Read More]
Protesters opposing Brett M. Kavanaugh's confirmation to the nation's high court descend on the U.S. Capitol and the Supreme Court as the final Senate vote... [Read More]
In an interview with The Washington Post, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said that "we were in the fight to the finish" on Brett... [Read More]
Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) announces that she will vote to confirm Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh. [Read More]
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