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Why are House Democrats stonewalling questions about the identity of the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower? [Read More]
CNN host Brian Stelter brought on former CBS host Dan Rather to discern the "truth" about impeachment proceedings from the right-wing narrative "propped up by... [Read More]
Fox News's Howard Kurtz criticized MSNBC for their coverage of the impeachment hearings last week because it was hosted by opinion commentators and not journalists. [Read More]
Megyn Kelly revealed that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy sent a letter to ABC News President James Goldston demanding answers for why the network did... [Read More]
Police in Hong Kong have stated that they may begin to use lethal, live ammunition on pro-democracy protesters if they do not yield to authorities. [Read More]
Democratic New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew attacked his own party for the current impeachment investigation going on in the House of Representatives, during an... [Read More]
Democratic leaders are rushing through impeachment proceedings to beat out a potentially scathing revelation about the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation, according to a House... [Read More]
Several prominent black leaders in South Carolina are accusing South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg of misleading voters about black support for his campaign and... [Read More]
Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace knocked Republican Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise for dismissing the relevancy of new testimony in the impeachment proceedings against President... [Read More]
President Trump praised Republican New York Rep. Elise Stefanik after former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified before the House Intelligence Committee, of which... [Read More]
President Trump attacked Fox News anchor Chris Wallace and defended Republican Rep. Steve Scalise, whom Wallace interviewed earlier Sunday. [Read More]
Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Minnesota said past statements the whistleblower's attorney made are evidence that the impeachment investigation against President Trump is a partisan... [Read More]
After the first two public impeachment hearings, House Democrats say they are at peace with poll numbers showing their efforts haven't won over large swaths... [Read More]
Prince Andrew's publicist quit his job recently after the two faced irreconcilable differences over his recent BBC interview about dead billionaire sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. [Read More]
The case of Deval Patrick's former brother-in-law, twice convicted of rape allegations against Patrick's sister, is likely to raise uncomfortable questions for the former Massachusetts... [Read More]
Joe Biden, who joined the Senate in January 1973 just as the Watergate scandal mushroomed, said he is optimistic about the chances of President Trump's... [Read More]
Brown University's Costs of War Project has unveiled its annual report on the budgetary costs and obligations the United States has incurred from the global... [Read More]
Our White House Report Card finds President Trump surviving the first week of public impeachment hearings buoyed by a record-streaking stock market and polls showing... [Read More]
The abortion issue is especially divisive. On the one hand, the abortion-rights crowd believes personal freedom is the greatest and highest good. On the other... [Read More]
Flying into Mogadishu, you get the sense that life in the world's most notoriously dangerous city has returned to normal. The rubble of the 1990s... [Read More]
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