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Authorities say a Pennsylvania woman under the influence of alcohol and marijuana rolled over on her 2-month-old son and passed out, smothering him to death. [Read More]
Former President Barack Obama says he is "heartbroken" over the terror attack in Manchester. [Read More]
Gov. Larry Hogan says he's vetoing a bill that would require businesses with 15 or more employees to provide five days of paid sick leave. [Read More]
Tiger Woods said he had fusion surgery on his back because he could no longer tolerate the pain, and that he wants to get back... [Read More]
Authorities say a Pennsylvania woman under the influence of alcohol and marijuana rolled over on her 2-month-old son and passed out, smothering him to death. [Read More]
The deputy director of Washington County Children and Youth Services Dee Dee Blosnich-Gooden submitted her resignation this morning. [Read More]
Out of these three players listed, who is the most likely to be dealt? [Read More]
Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman is accusing a pair of TSA agents of making unprofessional comments about her appearance. [Read More]
A man linked to the murder of a Clayton, New Jersey girl five years ago, is arrested again. This time for a home invasion. [Read More]
She clung to windshield wipers as the man tried to drive away in her vehicle. [Read More]
The cash-only business has 21 varieties of egg delights and some strange hours -- 10 p.m. to 3 p.m., so don't stop by for dinner. [Read More]
The newest episode of Game Of Zones (Season 4, episode 6) is about the Sixers. [Read More]
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock signed into law on Thursday an ordinance passed by the city council earlier this week which restructures sentencing in the city. [Read More]
Federal Aviation Administration investigators were probing the death of a man killed wearing a wingsuit in a Northern California skydiving crash. [Read More]
Sahna ElBanna alleged in the lawsuit that in spring 2016 she endured a semester of Union County College professor Toby Grodner making derogatory comments about... [Read More]
Brandin Cooks already sounds like a Patriot. [Read More]
Investigators are looking for tips in the case. [Read More]
The Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Pistons today announced that full season tickets are available for the Inaugural Season at Little Caesars Arena. [Read More]
Monstrous cyclones are churning over Jupiter's poles, until now a largely unexplored region. [Read More]
Lastly Ubaldo has to go! You cant keep hoping to catch lightning in a bottle. He has had too many terrible starts in a row. [Read More]
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