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At least four people are dead after a fast-moving fire broke out in Brooklyn, officials say. [Read More]
The third-largest wildfire in California history continues to spread in Santa Barbara County, fanned by overnight winds.The deadly Thomas Fire, which on Sunday was nearing... [Read More]
A man who pretended to be a Good Samaritan by helping an elderly woman with her groceries ended up robbing the woman inside her own... [Read More]
Two people were stabbed Sunday inside one of the New York City's busiest subway station, police say. [Read More]
Britain's Prince Harry and Barack Obama warmed up ahead of an interview that will air on BBC Radio 4 on Dec. 27. [Read More]
At least ten people were arrested, including a woman who allegedly punched an officer in the face, at Hoboken's SantaCon on Saturday, according to the... [Read More]
An unmarked SUV belonging to the New Jersey State Police was stolen, along with two weapons and state police uniforms that had been inside it,... [Read More]
Mark Ingram gave the Saints much more than the first-down run they needed to wind down the clock on the Jets. His determined burst... [Read More]
Nick Foles threw four touchdown passes in his first start replacing the injured Carson Wentz, and the Philadelphia Eagles secured a first-round playoff bye, rallying... [Read More]
A fire broke out at an apartment early Sunday, injuring four people including a pregnant woman, firefighters said. [Read More]
A man was found guilty of manslaughter in the shooting death of a 16-year-old girl who was babysitting her toddler cousin. [Read More]
A large movie theater at Lincoln Center was evacuated Sunday over reports of smoke and an electrical fire, witnesses and officials said. [Read More]
State environmental officials say a total of 407 bears were killed during New Jersey's extended bear hunt this year. [Read More]
The lawmen who knocked on the door of Helen Fioratti's Park Avenue apartment this fall weren't hunting for a fugitive or a stash of drugs.... [Read More]
A malfunctioning air conditioner caused a fire that trapped a family of eight in a Brooklyn apartment, the fire marshal said. Rana Novini reports. [Read More]
A man was struck by an oncoming train after he was punched by two assailants on the Union Square platform, the NYPD says. [Read More]
A new state law in New York seeks to shine a light on the New York City subway system's finances. [Read More]
A man in the Union Square subway station was punched in the head by two strangers, then fell to the ground where an oncoming train... [Read More]
Screening devices that detect suicide vests like the one that exploded in a New York City subway tunnel are being tested in a Los Angeles... [Read More]
The fire marshal revealed the cause of a raging fire that trapped a family of eight in a Brooklyn high-rise. [Read More]
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