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After Amy Adams and Isla Fisher both appeared in Nocturnal Animals, the stage has been set for another summit of pop-culture doppelgängers: Entertainment Weekly reports... [Read More]
At last, it looks like Jessica Williams is finally getting her own show. Not The Daily Show as everyone had long hoped (Trevor Noah's staying... [Read More]
Turns out, Coachella 2018 won't be the first stage Beyoncé will grace since giving birth to twins back in June. Us Weekly reports that Bey... [Read More]
Who let the dogs out? The corrupt mayor of Megasaki City, according to Wes Anderson's upcoming Isle of Dogs. When Mayor Kobayashi issues an executive... [Read More]
EXCLUSIVE: Sean Spicer says he did not "knowingly" lie in first TV interview since appearance: - Good Morning America (@GMA) September 21, 2017 ... [Read More]
David-vs.-Goliath chart stories don't come much more biblical than the one in the top two of the current Billboard Hot 100. In the penthouse: elite... [Read More]
As the president of the United States, no one should have a better understanding of the Constitution and its limits on their authority than Trump.... [Read More]
If it weren't for the fact that a large portion of it takes place at a weed dispensary, Woodshock could easily be mistaken for a... [Read More]
Ever since Arcade Fire roared out of Montreal in 2004 with the release of its instant-classic debut album, Funeral, the band has built a critically... [Read More]
Though it might have seemed like it, Tom Hanks's SNL skit about the great David S. Pumpkins did not spring fully formed from the minds... [Read More]
New court documents show two families allege Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman's negligence partly led to a plane crash that killed two pilots and... [Read More]
Hercule Poirot is piecing together some clues. Someone on this train killed Johnny Depp, and our money's on it being the same person who thought... [Read More]
My fondest moments as a girl were when my mother would braid my hair while we watched horror films and TV shows on her small... [Read More]
L'Shana Tova, chosen Broad Citizens!One of my favorite things about Broad City is how casually it deals with its characters' sexualities. I love that the... [Read More]
The question that kept getting asked by artists and curators and anybody, really, whom the New Museum consulted while putting together its new show "Trigger:... [Read More]
Even ten years later, no show does a cold open like Gossip Girl. Blair Waldorf's love of Audrey Hepburn was as important to her Upper... [Read More]
Before we get to the fiendishly clever season-two opener of The Good Place, can we have one last round of appreciation for the brilliance of... [Read More]
At the end of its first season, The Good Place pulled off one of the most surprising and well-executed finale twists in recent memory. Based... [Read More]
Bernie Casey, a professional football star turned poet, artist, and actor, died on Wednesday, reports Los Angeles Times. He was 78. After playing for eight... [Read More]
Like Sean Spicer at the Emmys, Jimmy can just roll back into Edgar's life as if nothing morally reprehensible ever happened. The guys are back... [Read More]
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