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Jenna Cooper from Bachelor in Paradise wants her text messages to be forensically examined so her name can be cleared from cheating on Jordan Kimball. [Read More]
Saturday Night Live veteran Kenan Thompson might get his very own show on NBC. According to Deadline, Thompson has signed on to star in a... [Read More]
Asher Perlman is a comedian and writer living in Brooklyn. He is currently a sketch writer for Slate's Trumpcast and was recently a staff writer... [Read More]
Billy Magnussen discusses his various characters on Netflix's Maniac, Disney's live-action Aladdin, and playing a "colorful douchebag." [Read More]
No green hair, purple suit, or a face full of tasteful albino makeup? Whatever, we'll take what we can get! Todd Phillips, the director of... [Read More]
"A High School Assault," the September 20 episode of the New York Times podcast The Daily, was a quiet, bracing, and emotionally powerful half hour.... [Read More]
The New York Philharmonic usually opens each season with "The Star-Spangled Banner," but in his first concert as the orchestra's music director, Jaap van Zweden... [Read More]
Casey Affleck is promoting a new movie, and he would like you to to know that he has learned a lot from the #MeToo movement,... [Read More]
Eli Roth Explains The House With a Clock In Its Walls' Pooping Topiary Lion Scene. Director Eli Roth tells us why he decided to have... [Read More]
While writing Maniac, creator Patrick Somerville and director Cary Joji Fukunaga invented an ordinary enough character: Dr. James Mantleray, a doctor who oversees a mind-bending... [Read More]
Javier Bardem doesn't know who the Kardashians are, just ask him. Apparently in Spain, the Kardashians are not famous. This week on Conan, Bardem worked... [Read More]
Last night, Brockhampton dropped their fourth studio album, iridescent. If you have no idea what those words mean, well, let's start at the top: Brockhampton... [Read More]
Saturday Night Live just announced several additions to the cast and writing staff. First up, Ego Nwodim has joined the SNL cast as a featured... [Read More]
especially the autumn of a bizarre midterm-election year - is the season of fierce competition in publishing. Some books only want enough fans to be... [Read More]
The thing to keep in mind about the version of Aaron Sorkin that created and ran the two-season ABC dramedy Sports Night, which premiered 20... [Read More]
Michael Moore is in two modes tonight. In this particular moment, he's on CNN jousting with Chris Cuomo, who's tanned and ready with opinions and... [Read More]
The comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We're here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. There... [Read More]
When Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish arrived to "The Breakfast Club"'s studio to promote their new movie Night School, Hart came with an agenda: letting... [Read More]
Netflix just dropped some news about a very big comedy special premiering next month from the one and only Adam Sandler. Titled 100% Fresh (Sandler's... [Read More]
In its two decades on air, Law & Order: SVU has made all of New York City its set. Yet, for the cast, who film... [Read More]
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