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The second film in the new Harry Potter franchise gets lost in an empty labyrinth of subplots. [Read More]
If true, the movie's biggest revelation contains major implications for the entire Harry Potter universe. [Read More]
The Department of Justice will likely prosecute WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange; North Korea's leader supervises the testing of an ultramodern tactical weapon. [Read More]
It's part of a growing trend in kids' clothes. [Read More]
The social media network is accused of hiring a right-wing PR firm to smear its critics. Activists are castigating Facebook for hiring a public relations... [Read More]
The controversial former secretary of state was repeatedly accused of voter suppression. Democrat Stacey Abrams announced she would officially concede from Georgia's governor's race... [Read More]
Ferrante's portrayal of Naples isn't glamorous, but that's exactly why people are going. Erica Goldsmith and Kate Dunlop were friends the way lots of... [Read More]
Do you want Jonathan Franzen to scold you for several hundred pages? You're in luck! [Read More]
Headed to the movie theater this weekend? Here are the 13 best comedies, dramas, and documentaries playing in the US right now — some of... [Read More]
Nurses and social workers are more likely to get attacked on the job than police officers. A group of House Democrats will introduce a bill... [Read More]
The bleakly entertaining heist thriller from Oscar-winning director Steve McQueen is currently in theaters. Metacritic score: 87 Oscar-winning director Steve McQueen, whose film 12... [Read More]
The first week saw tight security and some wild moments. Here's what to know. In grainy, black-and-white security footage, a man paces back and forth... [Read More]
Ocasio-Cortez's political critics often disparage her clothes. They're really worried about her policies. [Read More]
Mitch McConnell says he wants to diversify the panel. It'll be tough. No Republican woman has ever served on the Senate Judiciary Committee in... [Read More]
An extinction-level event for the GOP. Orange County, California, has traditionally been a stronghold for the GOP. Not anymore. With the Associated Press declaring on... [Read More]
The man who gave us "Inconceivable!" and "As you wish" also gave us Stepford Wives, Butch Cassidy, and "Follow the money." William Goldman, who has... [Read More]
A new book from veteran energy analyst Hal Harvey simplifies decarbonization. Climate change is such a large and sprawling problem — there are so many... [Read More]
expensive, for example; not scientifically tested... [Read More]
The movie is named after guides published for black travelers in segregated America, but adds a Hollywood spin. Green Book almost immediately identifies itself as... [Read More]
Even if you've never read Elena Ferrante's novels, this new eight-episode series will have you gripped. I haven't read Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan novels, the best-selling,... [Read More]
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