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which has an abnormally high turnover rate relative to t... [Read More]
It turns out the aisle is a porous border. The immigration debate in the US has been burning for more than two years. Most recently,... [Read More]
In his new memoir, McCain says he's to blame for the war. Sen. John McCain has made a shocking admission: The Iraq war was a... [Read More]
"A homeowner should not be required to be in business with someone they think is doing something that is immoral." California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a... [Read More]
The short answer: Alexa misinterpreted background noise as a command. How did an Amazon Echo end up recording a couple's private conversation and sending it... [Read More]
NFL team owners this week decided that players will no longer be allowed to take a knee during the playing of the national anthem. And... [Read More]
It's all happening. All the way back in December 2016, I wrote about a milestone: The US finally had its first operating offshore wind farm,... [Read More]
This year really has been worse so far. There's been another school shooting. This time, a shooter at Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana reportedly... [Read More]
Researchers are changing how they study the risks of alcohol — and it's making drinking look worse. A couple of drinks a day aren't bad... [Read More]
If amateurs lacked wine expertise, we would expect to see little or no correlation with professionals. We saw just the opposite. Few consumer products offer... [Read More]
There's a fundamental flaw in Republicans' proposal to reform TANF, the nation's main cash assistance welfare. Republicans have an idea to fix the Bill Clinton-era... [Read More]
The crackdown comes a month before the driving ban is set to be lifted. When Saudi Arabia announced last September that it would lift its... [Read More]
Why are EPA guards shoving reporters? A national summit on drinking water contaminants at the Environmental Protection Agency this week was so exclusive that reporters... [Read More]
Harvey Weinstein's arrest pushes #MeToo from the court of public opinion to the criminal court system. Dozens of women have come forward with allegations of... [Read More]
Showalter has been reading — and loving — Roth since 1959. Elaine Showalter has been reading Philip Roth, who died this week at age 85,... [Read More]
"Sports is the most racially tinged spectacle in modern society." In the summer of 2016, then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to protest police... [Read More]
The Garden State preserves its nuclear plants and sets out to build tons of renewable energy. US climate hawks have not had much to... [Read More]
usually ones that involve personal at... [Read More]
As a novel, Sweetbitter used food as a salty, rich, and alluring metaphor for desire. But that got lost in translation. Early in the first... [Read More]
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