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The Trump administration set the law up to fail. President Trump hasn't succeeded in repealing Obamacare yet. But his administration is doing its best to... [Read More]
Lawmakers from states where wind and solar energy are booming want to preserve tax breaks for these industries. Both the House and Senate versions of... [Read More]
It will most likely take a few weeks for Jones to be sworn into the Senate. Doug Jones just scored a stunning victory as a... [Read More]
the lives of young girls amid the perpetual turmoil of Taliban-ruled Afghanistan... [Read More]
Black women didn't vote to "save" Alabama last night. They voted to protect themselves. When Democrat Doug Jones won Alabama's hotly contested Senate special... [Read More]
Adjust your hot election takes accordingly. Doug Jones's victory over Roy Moore Tuesday night in Alabama's special election for US Senate was enough of a... [Read More]
On October 5, the New York Times published an exposé alleging that Harvey Weinstein, one of Hollywood's most revered moguls and influential kingpins, has been... [Read More]
Between pro-slavery comments and birtherism, Moore made Jones's victory with black voters easy. A Democrat will be the newest senator for one of the reddest... [Read More]
A decision will be made in the coming days. Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) resigned on Thursday, one day after a wave of his Democratic... [Read More]
"It would've been difficult to find anyone more qualified for this job," he said. [Read More]
How local Alabama activists and the Democratic Party joined forces to elect Doug Jones. For the past four months, Birmingham City Councilor Sheila Tyson and... [Read More]
The Geminid meteor shower peaks Wednesday night. We on Earth get to take in the wonder of a meteor shower typically when our planet passes... [Read More]
"Rock bottom is no impediment for a new president who can always find room for a new low." USA Today had some scathing words on... [Read More]
What is a milkshake duck? In 2017, everything. [Read More]
A brief guide to the visionary director's earlier work, and how it helped set the stage for his entry into a galaxy far, far away. [Read More]
But the Alabama secretary of state said it's "highly unlikely" the outcome will change. [Read More]
Jones is a civil rights attorney, best known for prosecuting members of the Ku Klux Klan. Deep-red Alabama has elected a Democrat to the US... [Read More]
We're the country that almost elected Roy Moore. We're the country that did elect Donald Trump. [Read More]
"We have come so far and the people of Alabama have spoken." [Read More]
"Not every man can make an Alabama Senate race close, but Steve Bannon can." Doug Jones's shocking victory in Alabama's Senate special election is a... [Read More]
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