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Jane Doe is crucial to the series' theory that Sister Cathy's death was a cover-up. Netflix's The Keepers tells a chilling story: The new... [Read More]
The Gianforte assault shows how deeply Americans are divided about the press. At a gathering last week in Hamilton, Montana, a man told Republican House... [Read More]
A Republican congressional candidate in Montana allegedly assaulted a reporter after being asked a question. As a reporter who asks congressmen and women questions every... [Read More]
On Thursday, President Trump gave a speech to the assembled heads of government of America's NATO allies. A good chunk of it — roughly two... [Read More]
A new report shows protections will be stripped if the bill becomes law. [Read More]
The ballots are in the mail. You might think that the moment Greg Gianforte, the Republican running for Montana's open House seat, allegedly "body-slammed" a... [Read More]
Democrat Rob Quist takes on Republican Greg Gianforte in a special election for Montana's only House seat on Thursday, May 25, 2017. The seat opened... [Read More]
The psychiatric debate over diagnosing Trump, explained. [Read More]
Another tragic story in the opioid epidemic. The two counselors at a drug treatment halfway house in Chester County, Pennsylvania, were supposed to help others... [Read More]
The remake made a litany of changes to the original — including a new ending. [Read More]
Get ready for another bloated sea monster carcass of a movie! I find the best way to spot a mediocre film is to gauge just... [Read More]
Believing in them is a coping mechanism to deal with an uncertain world. Donald Trump touts conspiracy theories more than most presidents in recent history,... [Read More]
Enough with betrayal. Shortly after the Trump inauguration, I attended a dinner party with a progressive group of friends who work in and around politics.... [Read More]
The more market-oriented your approach, the more it's going to cost. The Congressional Budget Office analysis of the Republican health care and tax cut bill... [Read More]
The AHCA fails to protect the truly vulnerable. As an evangelical who opposed Donald Trump's presidency, I should be used to a certain political homelessness... [Read More]
Nancy Pelosi said that pro-life democrats like me are welcome. Then came the backlash. "Can you be a Democrat and the support of the Democratic... [Read More]
"You can blow stuff up … but where do things end?" The US military is making many life-or-death decisions without input from the person who... [Read More]
It's an unbelievable document. In the sense that its accuracy is very difficult to believe. [Read More]
Three Montana newspapers all withdrew their endorsements for the GOP's Greg Gianforte after the attack. [Read More]
Greg Gianforte was asked about the CBO score. [Read More]
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