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Clashes began with Palestinian rocket attack into Israel... [Read More]
The four alleged suicides have prompted demonstrations from thousands of Kurds in Turkey, northern Syria and some parts of Europe... [Read More]
On Sunday, Attorney General William Barr released a summary of special counsel's findings from exhaustive, 22-month probe, which led to dozens of indictments as well... [Read More]
Vote counting continues in Thailand. Vigils continue in New Zealand. Tensions are down but simmering between India and Pakistan. A Chinese built dam begins to... [Read More]
Protesters have been taking to streets frequently across Sudan since Dec. 19... [Read More]
Funds will be used for health, water, sanitation, and hygiene issues as well as food security and helping people regain their livelihoods... [Read More]
Efforts to present unified EU face to China's Belt and Road Initiative' undermined by individual EU deals... [Read More]
Lawyer says after six months in hiding, the pair finally left Hong Kong last week... [Read More]
In a call with his Russian counterpart, US Secretary of State Pompeo accused Russia of 'prolonging the suffering of the Venezuelan people'... [Read More]
British politicians unnerved by the rising tide of Brexit-related accusations of betrayal and treachery... [Read More]
IFRC is appealing for $30.5 million to provide life-saving aid for 200,000 survivors of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique... [Read More]
Britain is still no closer to figuring out how it intends to split off from the other 27 EU nations than it was when voters... [Read More]
Vietnam's cheap workers might not be the country's stars for much longer: low wages helped to propel the communist nation to some of the fastest... [Read More]
Deadly attack occurred early Saturday in Kunduz province where Afghan and U.S. forces conducted joint operation against Taliban insurgents... [Read More]
Deadly mosque shootings in New Zealand mirror rise in hate crimes in the US... [Read More]
Ethiopian Airlines crash and Indonesia's Lion Air crash in October were both Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes. [Read More]
If the test is approved, doctors will be able to diagnose fibromyalgia instantly and save patients years of suffering... [Read More]
The plane model has been grounded after two deadly crashes... [Read More]
Mueller validates Trump's claim of 'no collusion,' but obstruction finding inconclusive... [Read More]
Israeli leader looking for an election boost as Trump is set to formally recognize Israel sovereignty over the Golan Heights... [Read More]
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