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A group of U.S. officials crossed into North Korea on Sunday for talks on preparations for a summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean... [Read More]
Four Russian servicemen have been killed by "militant fire" in Syria, Russia's defense ministry said Sunday.  Five other soldiers were wounded in the... [Read More]
In a wooden canoe on the waters of the Mono River in southwest Benin, a strange cone-shaped effigy in purple raffia and topped with horns... [Read More]
Streams flowing in the south of England may hold clues to the search for life on Mars. VOA's Steve Baragona has more. [Read More]
Talks regarding the planned June 12 U.S.-North Korea summit in Singapore are still on track and members of the U.S. administration are working to iron... [Read More]
Saudi Arabia and Russia are discussing raising OPEC and non-OPEC oil production by about 1 million barrels a day, sources said, weeks after U.S. President... [Read More]
Russian state gas giant Gazprom said Saturday it had signed a protocol with the Turkish government on a planned gas pipeline and agreed with Turkish... [Read More]
Italy's would-be coalition parties turned up the pressure on President Sergio Mattarella on Saturday to endorse their euroskeptic pick as economy minister, saying the only other option might... [Read More]
Plugged in with Greta Van Susteren examines various aspects of United Sates policy by interviewing policy makers and discussion with opinion shapers.  After hosting news programs... [Read More]
John Fortier, Director of the Democracy Project at the Bipartisan Policy Center, and Jim Kessler, Vice President for Policy at Third Way talks with Encounter... [Read More]
VOA Africa features a lively mix of news, talk, health and music programs... [Read More]
Victim says family has ties to Taliban... [Read More]
Blasts mark latest bursts of ash, volcanic smog from Kilauea during fourth week of what geologists rank as one of its biggest eruption cycles in a century... [Read More]
UN says more than 2 million are at risk of becoming severely food insecure... [Read More]
A detained British-Iranian aid worker sentenced to five years in jail in Iran is to face a second trial on new security charges, the semi-official... [Read More]
UNICEF is engaging schools and communities in the fight against Ebola to prevent transmission and help children deal with the trauma associated with the disease... [Read More]
South Korean President Moon Jae-in met Saturday afternoon with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un near the two Koreas' heavily militarized border. The... [Read More]
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced Friday that his country will formally become NATO's first Latin American "global partner," beginning next week. In... [Read More]
Thousands of flags wave proudly this weekend at tombstones in Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, just outside Washington. For more than 60 years, the army's... [Read More]
To many Americans the Star-Spangled Banner, also known as Old Glory, is almost a religious icon. That hasn't always been the case. Back in the... [Read More]
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