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You know what's a really great book? Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's whiny dirge What Happened. Just ask Time magazine — the publication named Clinton's tale... [Read More]
The View's Joy Behar has received a message from above that she is the chosen one meant to save this country from Donald Trump. She... [Read More]
Don't even think about spending money for your family on the biggest shopping day of the year! You must give it to The Collective PAC... [Read More]
At a recent top-secret conference in California, Washington Post reporter Janell Ross spoke but never said anything about it to her employer, according to Fox... [Read More]
As Americans were gathered around dinner tables yesterday, counting their blessings and happy to be with their families in this greatest country on earth, YouTube... [Read More]
For the Left, Donald Trump has pretty much ruined their entire lives, so it should be no surprise they feel he has ruined national holidays,... [Read More]
I hope you didn't spend Thanksgiving being grateful, because that would just have been wrong, at least according to the scolds at SUNY Albany. Campus... [Read More]
It's going to be a very unhappy holiday season for employees at ESPN as reports indicate more layoffs are coming between now and Christmas after... [Read More]
In another protest against the oppressive white supremacist patriarchy that will come as a shock to absolutely no one, Colin Kaepernick, the former quarterback who... [Read More]
NPR can't fight inequality if political conservatism is in the mix. That's the conclusion of Newsbusters writer Tim Graham. ... [Read More]
In a recent interview with German newspaper Die Spiegel, the former frontman of The Smiths decried Europe's descent into multiculturalism, declaring that European nations are... [Read More]
At the White House Tuesday, President Trump continued a Presidential Thanksgiving tradition: the pardoning of turkeys. There was, however, one turkey he wasn't pardoning: Barack Hussein... [Read More]
On MSNBC's afternoon show Deadline: White House, Melissa Mark-Viverito laid into President Trump viciously. The New York City Council speaker said the President was "unhinged"... [Read More]
In case you missed AM Joy on MSNBC this morning, and I'm going to assume that you did, here's what happened: Romina Boccia of the Heritage Foundation... [Read More]
Lauren Duca, who writes for many leftist outlets, including Teen Vogue and HuffPost, is pleading for the presidency of Barack Obama to return. But what... [Read More]
Now that the longest-serving congressman, Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), has been outed as a sexual predator, anyone who has praised the man is surely to... [Read More]
German police have arrest six men, all said to be Syrian nationals, suspected of plotting a terrorist attack on a Christmas market. Reuters reports that... [Read More]
A Ph.D. student and instructor of history at the University of Illinois has been arrested after an assault on conservative students was caught on camera. [Read More]
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