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While #MeToo has opened up discussions that may have long been kept under wraps or left unaddressed, some have warned it may be going too... [Read More]
Saudi authorities have detained more than a dozen women's rights activists... [Read More]
The Justice and Equality Fund, which supports charities fighting sexual abuse, has been backed by high-profile actors including Emma Watson and Kiera Knightley... [Read More]
Both HIV and unsafe abortion endanger life and health and have a disproportionate impact on people living in developing countries... [Read More]
Children married young tend to leave school, have limited economic opportunities, are vulnerable to abuse and mental health problems... [Read More]
Nara, an 11-year-old schoolgirl, will serve as Paraguay's symbolic president on Thursday, part of a campaign for the United Nations' International Day of the Girl... [Read More]
Israel's Foreign Ministry subsequently apologised for the all-male attendance at the meeting, where Merkel was the only woman in a group photograph... [Read More]
The British singer said she hopes that her child will grow up without the pressure of preconceptions... [Read More]
We are the philanthropic arm of Thomson Reuters, the world's biggest news and information provider. [Read More]
#Metoo has revealed the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault and put men's behavior under scrutiny... [Read More]
Tree planting aims to cut air pollution, cool cities - and reduce climate-changing emissions... [Read More]
Most smallholders in Asia face an uphill battle to access credit, leaving them unable to modernise and boost yields - but technology could help change... [Read More]
Livestock are responsible for about 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions... [Read More]
Could ethical business be the key to ending one of Southeast Asia's most intractable separatist conflicts? [Read More]
Fair Food, which delivers around 1,000 organic fruit and vegetable boxes a week to customers around Melbourne, has workers from the Horn of Africa, the... [Read More]
Our global editorial team of 46 journalists and 150 freelancers covers the world's under-reported stories at the heart of aid, development, women's rights, human trafficking,... [Read More]
More than 500 homes in the provinces of North and West Sumatra have been flooded or damaged... [Read More]
The refugees were transferred to the islands after being intercepted trying to reach Australia by boat... [Read More]
Medical sources told Reuters the civilians died when the air strikes hit a Houthi checkpoint while a bus was passing through... [Read More]
The case highlights the prevalence of trafficking in Mexico, where an estimated 341,000 people live in modern slavery... [Read More]
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