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Texas Tech University football team's mascot is the Masked Rider. Texas Tech fans often salute each other with a finger gun (evoking their motto "Wreck... [Read More]
England promoted a national firearms amnesty/turn-in during 2017. In Bristol, 313 "guns" were turned in, along with a whopping 120 rounds of ammunition. That's one... [Read More]
Our man Foghorn won't be going to SHOT Show this year. The blogger has a real job and a real wife, neither of which was... [Read More]
At the start of the 21st Century, Heckler & Koch introduced a new commercial hunting and target rifle to the shooting world. The Selbstladebüchse 2000; otherwise... [Read More]
Oh God. Here come to the anti-Springfield Armory crowd. So be it. Bed made, lie, etc. Meanwhile, let it be known that I share Travis'... [Read More]
As a card-carrying good guy (or gal), life may someday feed you a giant crap sandwich.  You may have to shoot a violent criminal predator... [Read More]
In the essay below, Rob Morse argues that the qualified immunity from prosecution enjoyed by American police officers poses a threat to public safety, leading... [Read More]
The Trace is former New York City Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun agitprop machine. Despite the website's please for donations, it depends entirely on the anti-ballistic billionaire's... [Read More]
I'm not a fan of multi-mode personal defense flashlights. There's an excellent chance you'll press the actuator too many times during an adrenalin-infused defensive flashlight... [Read More]
Criminals rule the streets in Chicago, otherwise known as Murder City USA. A Democrat candidate for Illinois Attorney General, Aaron Goldstein, had this bitter lesson... [Read More]
"It would make the police law enforcement's job a heck of a lot more difficult because if they come to an emergency situation, how can... [Read More]
  What is it with liberals crying rivers for coyotes? Question! If you don't hunt coyotes, how do you manage their population? Coyotes have a... [Read More]
CAUTION! You are about to enter the gun porn zone! So please, no cracks about how many GLOCKs you could buy instead of one of Cabot... [Read More]
Press release: GENEVA, ILLINOIS —-(Ammoland.com)- Marrying classic features to an ultra-modern design, Devil Dog Arms has released a full line of modern 1911 pistols to the US... [Read More]
Fostech is now taking deposits for their [sight unseen] Echo AK trigger, a binary trigger for the AK platform. A binary trigger will fire one... [Read More]
There are people who won't carry a Taurus handgun due to reliability concerns. TTAG's Jeremy S. gave the semi-auto a five-star review. In any case,... [Read More]
In the video below, the artist known as Boonk Gang pulls out a handgun and a wad of cash at a radio interview. Who he?... [Read More]
"Stockton [California] is moving forward with a million-dollar effort to reduce shootings by training and paying suspected violent offenders to put down their weapons and... [Read More]
I am such a sucker for self-defense ammunition packaging. Maybe that's because I consider mushrooming ammo pretty much of a muchness. I mean, is brand... [Read More]
Imagine feeding a CZ 75 TS and its ammo a steady diet of steroids before sending it to charm school, and you'll get an idea... [Read More]
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