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The hip-hop choreographer Will Adams — WilldaBeast — is a standout among those who have honed their careers through social media. [Read More]
Cleveland Play House's 2017-18 Season is currently available for single ticket purchase. This season of performances contains a wide range... [Read More]
Encore Theatre Co. plans to bring the staged radio drama theatre production of classic, "The Day the Earth Stood Still, directed by... [Read More]
"It's not like we're U2, where you can lay back on the hits and play the same sets you've played in years past." [Read More]
When she was a 15-year-old dance student, Addison Holmes received her first big break: the chance to perform alongside the professionals in a Fort... [Read More]
Kingsport's first film festival will begin Friday and continue through Sunday, bringing films from all over the world to the Model City. Hosted by... [Read More]
Anyone who hasn't been among the 1,200-plus people to walk into the Capitol Theatre doors this past week and watch the... [Read More]
Reality is harsh on the latest generation of adults, and it all comes crashing down on a handful of people in the most hilarious way... [Read More]
The Bonnie Kate Theater will present a concert Saturday, July 29, at 7:30 p.m. to celebrate the release of Daniel Couper's new extended play recording,... [Read More]
Bruce Wood is the best choreographer of the past 20 years that most dance fans have never heard of. That oversight should change when the... [Read More]
"Liberty!" Tennessee's official outdoor drama will be saluting the nation's military veterans on Thursday with free admission... [Read More]
Nearly 30 students will star in Central Park Players' production of "Aladdin Jr.," which opens Thursday, July 13, and runs through Saturday, July 15. [Read More]
Centerstage Theatre Co. will kick off its second season with its most diverse production that will feature more than 30 local children as the group... [Read More]
Madness knows no boundaries of gender. For that matter, the whole of humanity has an equal claim to swells of jealousy, passion, anger, guile, craftiness... [Read More]
A production of the Shakespeare play was interrupted by protesters objecting to a scene where a character resembling President Trump is murdered. [Read More]
For his next act, comedian Eddie Izzard wants to become a politician ... [Read More]
On its surface, William Shakespeare's romance extols unyielding and uncritical devotion in matters of the heart - more specifically, these are the expectations when it... [Read More]
Creating a dance work that reflects the plight of Syrian refugees has been a daunting task, admits choreographer Albert Drake III. A company member... [Read More]
Encore Theatre Co. officials announced an audition call for its staged radio drama theatre production of "The Day the Earth Stood... [Read More]
The Renaissance Theatre has announced its 2017-18 season lineup. The organization formally announced the lineup at their Season Preview Party on... [Read More]
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