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Five Years Ago This week in 2014, as congress was preparing to give up its authority and fast-track agreements like... [Read More]
On December 19th, it was announced that the RIAA was giving up on its legal strategy of suing individual file sharers, and instead was going... [Read More]
Apple got a lot of press last week when it announced that it was going to remove the DRM from songs it sold through the... [Read More]
While the era of DRM on music may finally be ending, it appears that some other industries still haven't quite come to terms with the... [Read More]
The fine folks over at McKinsey are trying to solve the "problem of video piracy" with a few simple suggestions: TV and movie studios should... [Read More]
When we talk about problems with copyright and royalty systems, sometimes people suggest that we should make an exception for the collections societies like ASCAP,... [Read More]
Jon sends in an interesting link from the New Statesman from last month, discussing some of the history of music and copyright, specifically as it... [Read More]
This shouldn't be a surprise to, well, anyone, but the more the RIAA fights back against file sharing, the further underground file sharing goes. ... [Read More]
The whole mess over Jack Valenti's decision to ban screener DVDs (later blocked by a judge) is about to get even messier. An Associated... [Read More]
I skipped the story yesterday about how a second screener version of a movie they've sent out to Oscar voters made it's way online just... [Read More]
There was a tremendously important copyright ruling in August of last year, concerning whether or not it was copyright infringement for Cablevision to run a... [Read More]
Harvard Law prof. Charlie Nesson has been leading a case challenging the constitutionality of a core part of the RIAA's continuing lawsuit strategy. Late... [Read More]
Isn't it funny how, once a bully has been scolded by someone more powerful, they seem a lot more powerless? That's what ISPs are... [Read More]
Salon is running a very balanced article looking at who's really winning the file sharing war. While the recording industry is convinced that their... [Read More]
Just last week the recording industry was high-fiving each other following reports that file sharing was down. However, not everyone agreed with those findings... [Read More]
WordPress Build and Host Bundle sets you up to create custom WordPress sites with a streamlined builder and hosting. Dragify WordPress Builder is an intuitive,... [Read More]
So, this is certainly unexpected. Just hours after we pointed out that even all of the lobbyists who had written/pushed for Article 13 in the... [Read More]
You may be surprised to find that a search of our story archives involving fast-food giant McDonald's returns pretty scant posts here at Techdirt. Regardless,... [Read More]
Late last year, I wrote about how the GDPR almost ruined Christmas in one German town, where it was determined that the annual tradition of... [Read More]
The 2019 Blockchain Developer Bundle will help you learn more about the technology behind blockchain and will help you start to develop your own projects.... [Read More]
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