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The White House and Republicans are finalizing a tax plan that would slash the corporate rate and reducing the levy for the wealthiest... [Read More]
Prosecutors last week announced new charges against a California neurosurgeon who wanted to impregnate women and raise "sexual families" [Read More]
Thanks to Cersei's newly revealed pregnancy, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau — who plays Jaime — has an issue with the fan-favorite 'valonqar' theory. [Read More]
"Why is 'The Star-Spangled Banner' part of sporting events?" and 5 other questions... [Read More]
The wedding photographer captured the entire daring rescue... [Read More]
Lawyers from VELCRO want us to stop using the name as a verb and noun, since it violates trademarks — as they explain in a hilarious... [Read More]
Protests erupted as a Senate committee gathered for a hearing on the latest GOP proposal aimed at repealing former Obama's health care law. [Read More]
Sales of Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Alejandro Villanueva's jersey have jumped to number one over other NFL players... [Read More]
The Democratic National Committee is launching plans to ensure every eligible voter is afforded the opportunity to cast their vote easily. [Read More]
The wedding photographer captured the entire daring rescue... [Read More]
Stop calling it Velcro. At least, that's what the lawyers behind VELCRO® brand — yep, the sticky stuff that replaces laces on shoes and keeps... [Read More]
When dropped from six feet high... [Read More]
Whether you're staying in Australia, Jamaica or California... [Read More]
A new study highlights the role that aspirin can play in preventing heart attack and stroke... [Read More]
Shoe shopping. Frozen yogurt tasting. An evening at the ballet. If this sounds like your perfect day in New York City, then you're probably a... [Read More]
The world must keep 'killer robots' from forever changing how we fight... [Read More]
The NBA all-star stands by his defense of rival Stephen Curry... [Read More]
Jon Snow may be in the dark about his secret Targaryen heritage, but that didn't stop him from bonding with Daenerys' dragons. [Read More]
Creator Dan Fogelman on when we'll learn how Jack died, the controversy over Kate's weight-loss storyline and Sterling K Brown's Emmy win. [Read More]
Nick Kroll on what it was like to revisit his childhood by playing a preteen version of himself in his animated Netflix series, Big Mouth. [Read More]
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