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Juuling is a huge problem in schools... [Read More]
The First Lady's outfit was unmissable... [Read More]
"He has the unique ability to suck up the oxygen" [Read More]
Including new playlists, better music recommendations and more... [Read More]
Warning: This post contains spoilers for all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. The Avengers chase after the Tesseract, the Guardians of the Galaxy steal... [Read More]
At the turn of the last century, two famous explorers both claimed to have been the first to step foot on the North Pole... [Read More]
Researchers have found Uranus' cloud tops are made of hydrogen sulfide, the gas principally responsible for the foul smell of rotten eggs. [Read More]
Melissa McCarthy came by Carpool Karaoke to help Christina Aguilera on "Dirty" [Read More]
Ronny Jackson's hearing was postponed after late allegations about past behavior... [Read More]
As China grows, its industrial policy presents a challenge to the U.S.—but both countries can make moves right now to ease tensions... [Read More]
Here's how to listen to it... [Read More]
President Donald Trump refused to answer whether he would pardon his personal attorney, calling it a "stupid question." Sitting with French President Emmanuel Macron at... [Read More]
A conversation with the Pulitzer Prize winner and TIME 100 honoree... [Read More]
This sleepover will definitely be a can't-miss... [Read More]
DNA tests could confirm the identity... [Read More]
Experience the summer solstice in Reykjavik... [Read More]
A current player writes explains how self-representation starts at the NFL draft... [Read More]
Ten years ago, the people showing up on our doorstep were young men. Now, it's entire families fleeing extreme political violence... [Read More]
When I was gang-raped at 15, people wanted me to be a victim. Instead, I became a fighter, writes Sunitha Krishnan... [Read More]
He was lynched after being blamed for the murder of an indigenous medicine woman... [Read More]
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