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At first paleontologists thought the Chilesaurus was an ornithischian, like velociraptor, now realize it was an early plant-eating theropod... [Read More]

CNN's Jim Acosta on Tuesday went off on Donald Trump's "strange, surreal stunning and baffling" press conference, explaining the world witnessed "a presidency go off... [Read More]
New study now suggests plant-eating dinosaur was a missing link between theropods and ornithischians... [Read More]
Here are the six most unbelievable quotes from the president's unhinged, racist and rage-filled address. [Read More]
A male stripper from Tampa is accused of stabbing his partner multiple times in the eyes with a pen after he suspected he was a... [Read More]
President Trump held a rager of a press conference where he said *many* unbelievable things. [Read More]
The trial pitted producers of a popular TV show against old-school union guys in Boston, and the verdict looks like a boon for organized labor... [Read More]
WPRI 12 Eyewitness News on is Providence, New Bedford, Fall River news and weather. We're coverage you can count on in Rhode Island and... [Read More]
Amy Bartner meets Rooster's Kitchen owner Ross Katz at the Mass Ave. restaurant to experiment with different foods and an industrial deep fryer.       ... [Read More]
A tree removal company's attempt to uproot a mysterious object with steel legs that is lodged on a Rhode Island beach has been postponed. [Read More]
It's like a twisted version of My Little Pony. [Read More]
President Donald Trump adamantly defended his response to the deadly white nationalist rally in Virginia in a chaotic press conference. [Read More]
Luther Strange casts his vote in the Alabama U.S. Senate Special Election primary on August 15, 2017. [Read More]
A local legend converges with a solar eclipse - and a popular roadside oddity. [Read More]
The suit claims the woman took a bite out of the sandwich before discovering that there was a dead rodent baked into the bun. [Read More]
The truth is out there (in the backyard)! [Read More]
Sacca got a Georgetown Law degree because he wanted to be "in the room" making major deals. [Read More]
A TV producer who moved the body of a Long Island mom after she overdosed on drugs was sentenced Tuesday to a year and a... [Read More]
Animal protection groups in India said stray dogs that have turned up bearing bright blue fur were likely affected by pollution in a nearby river. [Read More]
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