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If you want to know what might be able to survive the Red Planet, look no further than the nearest cow gut. [Read More]
Even NASA scientists aren't quite sure how they formed. [Read More]
Female NASA scientists revealed what they think are the best and worst movies about outer space. Keri Lumm reports.        ... [Read More]
Growing up in Tijuana, Sergio Sandoval didn't know how much his birthplace would affect his ability to reach his dreams. [Read More]
Students from The University of Akron will compete in the NASA Spacesuit User Interface Technologies for Students (S.U.I.T.S.) Design Challenge May 21-26. [Read More]
Astronauts Scott Altman and Tom Jones are no strangers to seeing their names included among the stars. The two became the 96th and 97th NASA... [Read More]
The clouds in Uranus' upper atmosphere are composed largely of hydrogen sulfide, the molecule that makes rotten eggs so stinky, a new study suggests. [Read More]
Here's the numerical and cosmic gymnastics Meade used to come up with today's apocalypse — one that, of course, will not come to be. [Read More]
Life never would have evolved on Earth without death. [Read More]
Any alien civilizations born on "super-Earth" planets may be ground-bound by their home worlds' powerful gravity, a new study suggests. [Read More]
Jim Bridenstine shouldn't necessarily expect smooth sailing now that he's finally in as NASA administrator, experts say. [Read More]
Future private space stations may be sponsored by major corporations, which prompted a spirited discussion during a panel on the future of low Earth orbit... [Read More]
NASA researchers have found mysterious holes in the Arctic ice and can only speculate on what led to their creation. Some think they were made... [Read More]
A dozen faculty and students from The University of New Mexico's department of computer science will make the trek to Kennedy Space Center in Florida... [Read More]
Space toursim will soon be a reality -- by 2022, we'll have our first hotel orbiting the Earth. If these NASA images are any indication,... [Read More]
NASA released a new image and a virtual tour of the Lagoon Nebula, a celestial body 4,000 light-years away. [Read More]
The "race to Mars" is Elon Musk vs a "low-probability but extreme-consequence" extinction event. [Read More]
A little while back, Nile Rodgers said there was a new Chic on the way, and now the band's guitarist and co-founder has shared more... [Read More]
CONSPIRACY theorists have gone wild for bizarre photos of Mars and the moon they claim are proof of NASA covering the existence of aliens in... [Read More]
There's no clear explanation for these mysterious ice holes. [Read More]
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