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Following the massacre of 50 people at two mosques in Christchurch, Muslims weighed in on the daily impacts of online hate and misinformation. [Read More]
"Two Supervisor-level employees, who have since been terminated, made poor decisions including displaying a sign that they created." [Read More]
"Whatever your argument is, the minute you base it on a lie, you're a demagogue." [Read More]
It's difficult for a politician to say anything if she doesn't actually exist. [Read More]
"Whatever your argument is, the minute you base it on a lie, you're a demagogue." [Read More]
Invasive group A streptococcus (iGAS) infections are definitely not new. [Read More]
A meme attempting to paint various politicians as ineffective lawmakers uses outdated, cherry-picked statistics and omits important context. [Read More]
A simple yet powerfully poignant reminder of the human toll of mass shootings. [Read More]
Bristol Palin did not say that the Oscars lack diversity because all black actors look alike, although she did say she wished "things were really... [Read More]
Another fake Sarah Palin quote is circulating, claiming she stated slavery wasn't America's fault and that "the negroes liked it." [Read More]
Tamara Rubin, aka #LeadSafeMama, frequently finds high levels of lead in vintage cookware or other household products. What does that mean for you? [Read More]
A 2015 fake news item claiming a Baltimore officer shot and killed toddler Malik Gibson after mistaking a pacifier for a gun resurfaced in July... [Read More]
A fake news article reports that a genital implant notifies spouses via cell phone alert when their husbands are cheating on them. [Read More]
No, a college student did not wind up in a coma after attempting to drink two gallons of semen for a social media challenge. [Read More]
A story that Klan members committed suicide after announcements that Harriet Tubman's image would be placed on $20 bills came from a hoax news site. [Read More]
We do know he was in a punk band in the 1990s that got its name from the Icelandic word for "Waterfall." [Read More]
New Zealand was rocked by grief following a massacre at two mosques perpetrated by a suspected white supremacist. [Read More]
"To all you misguided, uninformed liberal 'women' demonstrating in favor of embracing Islam ..." [Read More]
Gordon Ernst was one of the coaches alleged to have accepted bribes from parents to provide entry into elite universities under the guise of recruiting.... [Read More]
Official statements from celebrities tend to be posted on the official websites and social media pages of said celebrities. [Read More]
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