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In January, Bill O'Reilly paid a $32 million settlement with longtime network analyst Lis Wiehl to settle sexual harassment allegations shortly before ... [Read More]
We have their word on this. [Read More]
Conspiracy theorists were rejoicing Saturday after President Donald Trump said he will give the green light to release thousands of long-declassified f ... [Read More]
The White House went into damage-control mode shortly after President Donald Trump said in an interview on Oct. 17 that he had called the families... [Read More]
Unbeleibable. [Read More]
The Fredrica Wilson controversy continues. [Read More]
Trump says a "very important" announcement is in the works on opioids—but Politico says his aides don't know what they're supposed to announce. [Read More]
A compromise ruling that gives the government another chance to block Jane Doe's abortion. [Read More]
The case of John Garofalo. [Read More]
A mostly serious look at the future of Alexa. [Read More]
An international snapshot of challenges, victories, and emerging trends in internet rights around the world. [Read More]
So much controversy could be avoided if he didn't throw a tantrum. [Read More]
Eric and Lara discuss the lamestream media, the real Russia scandal, and their adorable new ba-by. [Read More]
Maybe the old Taylor can come to the phone after all. [Read More]
The three men are said to have instigated an altercation during which a shot was fired by shouting Nazi slogans at a group of protesters. [Read More]
Lupita Nyong'o fought off Weinstein's advances with firm politeness. [Read More]
Carrie Underwood clearly inspired the Season 3 theme. [Read More]
John Kelly said Rep. Wilson bragged about funding an FBI building. She didn't, but she did thank Republicans for helping honor two late agents. [Read More]
Rethink this. [Read More]
Rethink this. [Read More]
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