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It takes only a glance at a hospital bill or at the myriad choices you may have for health care coverage to get a sense... [Read More]
At a science workshop in Europe this week Chinese space officials made it clear that they found the concept of NASA Lunar Orbiting Platform-Gateway (LOP-G)... [Read More]
Without any public scrutiny, insurers and data brokers are predicting your health costs based on data about things like race, marital status, how much TV... [Read More]
"The work is currently underway to develop an aircraft equipped with jamming systems that will replace Il-22PP Porubshchik [electronic warfare aircraft], which are currently being... [Read More]
Government agencies often post PDF documents that don't contain searchable text. They are just a scan of a printout which begs the question: don't they... [Read More]
I'm interested to see what the slashdot community has to say regarding "The Deep State." When you search for it you find a lot of... [Read More]
"The thousands of people to pass through LambdaMOO since Curtis turned on the server have imbued the house with textual life. There are worlds hidden... [Read More]
Mark Zuckerberg said FB will not ban Holocost deniers as they "Deserve a Voice". Thereby giving a voice people who are contrary to well recorded... [Read More]
Science Daily reports on a Swiss study to be published in full on Monday. Short summary: Frequent exposure to cell phone radiation on the right... [Read More]
This week, Google announced a significant AdWords update. Introduced in live streamed keynote at Google Marketing Live in San Jose, California. [Read More]
For the valuable customers, Marriott has started a Marriott Rewards Program where the member can get amazing rewards by earning points. For more information, you... [Read More]
Now follow the procedure there to confirm that you have Netflix account and thereafter you will get the activation code and in case if... [Read More]
Technology is upgrading day by day. Everyday human discovering new and latest technologies.Before long days, there is the black and white photo we saw and... [Read More]
We are upgrading day by day. New technologies took place with the old technology. Technology, no doubt making human's living life easier. Now we are... [Read More]
[[Note to eds: This is breaking info, right now no MSM articles that I can find are reporting it. It comes from the Wikileaks twitter... [Read More]
The study authors Lisa Weyandt, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Rhode Island, and Tara White, Ph.D., an assistant professor of Behavioral... [Read More]
Cortisol is key to tracking stress, but it's tough to measure in an instant; Stanford researchers say they've figured out how... [Read More]
An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: The New Zealand company behind a landmark trial of a four-day working week has concluded it... [Read More]
Commenting on the record $5 billion fine on Google by the European Commission, privacy focused search engine DuckDuckGo said this week it welcomes the decision... [Read More]
Hashflare, one of the largest bitcoin mining companies, said on Friday it is disabling its SHA-256 hardware and also discontinuing support for mining services on... [Read More]
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