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The "F" rating on CinemaScore is a dubious badge of honor that has been bestowed on few other films — which range from misunderstood, to... [Read More]
The western may have been born in Hollywood and built to tell tales of adventure in the untouched American landscape of the 19th century, but... [Read More]
Star Wars: The Last Jedi is officially done. It may seem like that's coming down to the wire for the film's December 2017 release date, but it's par... [Read More]
Cantankerous and Tom Hanks aren't two things you think would go together, but it looks like they will soon. America's Dad is going to become... [Read More]
The first batch of Fast and Furious live tour dates have been revealed, and you can check out a stylish trailer for what to expect... [Read More]
In an Instagram post, director Rian Johnson announced that Star Wars The Last Jedi is done, wrapping up the final stages of post-production. [Read More]
Tom Hanks to star in A Man Called Ove remake, an English-language redo of a Swedish comedy film based off the novel by Fredrik Backman. [Read More]
After two new Rick and Morty female writers, Jane Becker and Jessica Gao, were harassed on social media and doxxed, Dan Harmon responded to the... [Read More]
The co-writer of Kingsman: The Golden Circle tells us about bringing Harry Hart back, writing for Sir Elton John, and more. Read our Jane Goldman... [Read More]
Here are Chris Evangelista's favorite movies of all time, including films by Spielberg, Scorsese, two different Coppolas, Kubrick, De Palma and more. [Read More]
On the September 22, 2017 episode of /Film Daily, Peter Sciretta is joined by Ben Pearson to talk about the latest news, including a three-hour cut of Superman: The Movie, Jordan Peele's new... [Read More]
The Simpsons is bringing back the science fiction writer for a Neil Gaiman Treehouse of Horror episode that parodies his children's book Coraline. [Read More]
In our Kingsman The Golden Circle review, we explain why fans of the first movie will want to check this one out, but they should... [Read More]
Welcome to The Water Cooler, a weekly feature where the /Film staff is free to go off-topic and talk about everything except the movies and TV shows they normally... [Read More]
Rumors are stubborn things. The internet has made rumor a type of religion; something spread far and wide with staunch believers who refuse to accept... [Read More]
With the surprise mega-success of his feature directorial debut Get Out earlier this year, the multi-talented Jordan Peele has seen his star rise to new heights. The writer/director/actor/producer signed... [Read More]
FX had a huge hit on their hands with The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story, and now they're close to uncovering their... [Read More]
Amityville The Awakening release date revealed yet again, with the much-delayed film set to hit Google Play next month before opening in selected theaters... [Read More]
A BBC poll last year called David Lynch's Mulholland Drive the greatest film of the 21st century. This prompted one writer to take a deep... [Read More]
If the former Ferris Bueller isn't careful, he'll shoot his eye out. Read the Matthew Broderick A Christmas Story casting news right here. [Read More]
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