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Rodion Burakov, 16, distracted beast allowing Boris, 13, to flee - but older boy was mauled to death, his torn body buried by predator. [Read More]
Born-again beasts will roam in Ice Age Park in Yakutia, said Aisen Nikolaev, head of Yakutia region. [Read More]
Little cat is possible brother to 'Boris' found last year some 15 metres (50ft) away. [Read More]
Almost 1,300 bones of 13 species of mammals unearthed at new site on Gydan peninsula aged between 10,000 and 50,000 years old. [Read More]
100-plus Amur leopards are living in the wild, a rise from only 30, and now they are set to get new protected territory to roam. [Read More]
Unique 16,200 year old chest vertebra with spear wound to undergo ultramodern tests in search for truth about extinction of giant beast. [Read More]
Plan for surrogate mare to give birth and bring back to life long-gone species in Russia's coldest region. [Read More]
Mountaineers see the corpse of man in glacier as they climbed on Ak-Tru peak in North Chuya range. [Read More]
Scientists challenge nature by adopting an endangered orphan kitten, aiming to release her into the wild. [Read More]
Project to be unveiled at 4th Eastern Economic Forum next month and likely to contain laboratories sunk into the permafrost. [Read More]
Life returns to port of Tiksi with construction of a military town. [Read More]
Latest vessel found on 28 August with one dead sailor on board. [Read More]
Rangers in Yakutia are on a lookout after watching a video showing a failed rescue attempt. [Read More]
13 year old revealed as the daughter of a Neanderthal mother and a Denisovan father - separate humanoid groups now proven to have crossbred. [Read More]
Svetlana Evai ate unripe berries for 15 days after getting lost in tundra with family fearing she had been attacked by brown bear. [Read More]
Scientists presented unique discovery made inside the Batagai crater in Yakutia. [Read More]
Vadim Klabukov, 23, paid with his life after flouting safety rules when he went to retrieve lost backpack in South Kamchatka nature reserve. [Read More]
Vadim Klabukov, 23, paid with his life after flouting safety rules when he went to retrieve lost backpack in South Kamchatka nature reserve. [Read More]
For hundreds of years visitors to this Arctic outpost have been frightened by terrifying totems and human sacrifices. [Read More]
Shots fired at island campsite to scare away beast which then drops ancient limb preserved in permafrost since prehistoric times. [Read More]
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