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Recruit 80000 Active Duty Soldiers
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The Seahawks haven't drafted a linebacker since 2014 and just six overall since 2010. [Read More]
One of the longest-serving senators in U.S. history has bid farewell to Utah Republican Party delegates. Orrin Hatch gave brief remarks to the state Republican... [Read More]
A year after a video showing white students wearing ponchos and sombreros at Cinco de Mayo celebrations angered students of color and set off a... [Read More]
Koch Industries is pushing for a change to a Kansas rule forbidding corporate in-house lawyers unlicensed in the state from providing free legal services to... [Read More]
Video KIRO 7 News in Seattle... [Read More]
Video KIRO 7 News in Seattle... [Read More]
An Arizona state entity charged with replenishing aquifers in major metropolitan areas is looking to western Arizona as a water source. The Central Arizona Groundwater... [Read More]
One of the next stages in Detroit's revitalization could involve China, South Korea, the Middle East or India through a program that helps local businesses... [Read More]
The GOP race for Indiana's 6th Congressional District has drawn national attention and money, largely because Greg Pence is seeking the seat once held by... [Read More]
If a picture tells a thousand words, then the Library of Congress is bringing 440,000 of them to Los Angeles. "Not An Ostrich: And Other... [Read More]
Research lab Open AI paid its top researcher more than $1.9 million in 2016. Salaries for top AI researchers have skyrocketed because there are not... [Read More]
There's no right answer here precisely because circumstances are unique for every family, but also for each future. [Read More]
An estimated 69 percent of adults worldwide had some sort of bank account in 2017, a World Bank study found, up from an estimated 51... [Read More]
There's an uptick in the number of people living in multigenerational homes. Structural modifications to a home to make it work for multigenerations are the... [Read More]
Investors put more money into emerging-market stock funds than they took out for seven straight weeks, as of April 11, according to EPFR Global. For... [Read More]
Look before you buy LEAPS Q: What are LEAPS? A: Long Term Equity Anticipation Securities (LEAPS) are long-term options. Standard options let you purchase the... [Read More]
Democrats running in this year's U.S. House and Senate campaigns are seeing their fundraising efforts swelling their coffers. Democrats challenging Republican incumbents in two districts... [Read More]
Pakistani traders have demanded the reopening of an Afghan border point closed last week after a deadly clash between the two sides. Nazir Ahmed, a... [Read More]
It's unclear which gambling bills, if any, will make it to the finish line before the Connecticut General Assembly adjourns next month. It's also fuzzy... [Read More]
Republican Russ Fulcher, who is currently running for Idaho's open 1st Congressional District, has clarified his campaign claim that he's passed more "pro-life" legislation than... [Read More]
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